Hello. I need to synch 1password with dropbox.

I have migrated (following your instructions) data from old 1 password to new app. Thank you it worked. Synching with Drop box simply ends up with a series of apps (16) all of which contain encrypted code. The 1password app tells me that 167 items have been synched. No password information is visible. Grateful if you could please advise next steps. The vault is as stated in the synch dialogue box in 1 password.

1Password Version: 6.1.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Dropbox


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    @JDS101: Sorry for the confusion! You've posted in the 1Password for Windows category of the forums, but you seem to be referring to 1Password for iOS. If you can clarify where exactly you're having trouble, that will allow us to help you quicker!

    To be clear, you'll need to get Dropbox Sync setup in 1Password on each device. Without the 1Password app, you won't be able to open and decrypt your vault, and then you'll simply end up with unreadable files. Please let me know what you find. I look forward to hearing back from you! :)

  • Thank you for your comment. I have my 1password app on my IPAD. I am wanting to access the contents of the app on my Windows (Surface) machine using Dropbox having synched my IPAD 1password app to Dropbox. I managed to send a copy of the old 1 password app (version 3.7.2) in April and it worked well. I could not repeat the process after I updated the content of the app on my IPAD.

    I then migrated the contents to the current version of the app on my IPAD and synched it to Dropbox. The result was the folders that contained what looked like encrypted information.

    Again thank you for getting back to me and I hope this explanation provides you with the detail to assist my endeavours. Best Regards, John

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    @JDS101: Thanks for following up. It isn't clear to me exactly where you're running into trouble, but I've got enough information to at least walk you through the process of setting it up — and then you can tell me where things go wrong if you run into trouble. Since it sounds like you've got 1Password working just fine on the iPad, just follow these steps to get everything setup on your PC:

    1. Open 1Password for iOS and go to Settings > Sync > Sync Service and note the path in Dropbox
    2. Make sure you have the latest version of Dropbox installed on your PC
    3. Let Dropbox finish syncing
    4. Open your Dropbox folder in Windows File Explorer and verify that the vault you're using on the iPad shows up there
    5. Make sure you have the latest version of 1Password for Windows installed on your PC
    6. Open 1Password for Windows and choose "I have used 1Password before" (or go to File > Open 1Password Vault) to select your vault in Dropbox

    Please let me know how it turns out! :)

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