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Not sure if this is possible but it was something that I could do previously in Password Depot before I migrated to 1Password so thought I would throw up a discussion and see.

On websites that have more than 2 standard username and password fields for login is it possible to do a custom login sequence? I can find I can add an extra field to the saved Login within 1Password but I am not sure where to assign them to a certain field on the page.

Example Login Screen attached below;

Password Depot used to do it by custom key sequence e.g.


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  • You can always try inspecting the page element in your web browser to get the ID of the third text field.
    This is an example of the text field in this forum:

    You can then add that information to the item in the wb form details.

    Please let us know if this helps.

  • hello, sorry for the delay didn't have notifications!
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    ok have attempted this. Not sure if correct so basically inspected the element on the page (the third field needing to be filled) and added that as an extra password/text fill in 1Password but it still skips and doesn't fill it, only fills the Customer Number (username) and password field. Attached is the screenshots of setup.

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    @rjay: In my experience, this usually works, but of course it depends entirely on the website itself. Unfortunately without some basic information it's hard to say what might be done. If you can tell me the OS, 1Password, and browser versions you're using along with the URL, I'll be happy to test to see if I can offer you a solution, or at the very least we can see how we might improve 1Password in the future.

    The more information you can give, the better. You can also report any website issues directly using our Synapse website issue tracker, so the development team can take a look. Often simply manually saving the login will save additional information that will allow 1Password to work. Thanks in advance! :)

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