Free-form card for items

user changeable fields for new items
Would it be possible to have a 'Generic' or 'Free-form' new item, one where the field names and type (text, password (hidden), number, etc) could be defined by the user for each new card? While there are several types of new items to choose from, there are just some things that don't fit a predefined card.


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    Welcome to the forum, hobbyc!

    We have ideas for various kinds of customization options that we plan to include in a future releaase,; but it'll require a nearly simultaneous update to all of our 1Password products on all the platforms, so it's no small undertaking, and I have no information about what enhancements might be included or when they might become available.

    It helps us to know, though, that you'd find them useful, so thanks for your post!
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    Thanks for the update on this. It's good to know that this feature might find its way into 1Password in a future release.
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    This is definitely something that our awesome customers (like you!) have been clamoring for, and frankly we would love to have more flexibility ourselves. I think at this point it is less a matter of "if" and more a matter of "when". Keep an eye out! :)
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