What if I'm on a new mac and I don't have the 1Password3 main app installed on it?

I had Chrome install the 1Password 6 extension before I logged into Chrome with my Google login. Once I did, my 1Pass3 popped up (so now I have 1Pass3 and 1Pass5 icons both on my Chrome taskbar), and then I was sent to the page about safely uninstalling the 1Pass3 extension. I tried to follow the instructions, but when I log into 1Pass3 it says "Connecting: 1" and then keeps counting up and doesn't seem to ever log in. What should I do now?
If it matters, I haven't completely switched over to my new computer - the old one still has 1Pass3 installed in it.

1Password Version: 6.0.1
Extension Version: &
OS Version: 10.10.5
Sync Type: Dropbox
Referrer: ug:mac/, kb:uninstall-v3-extension


  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @noahchevalier,

    So it sounds like you're intending to move to 1Password 6 on the new Mac. If that is true I'm wondering what the intention with the old Mac is. If you want to keep the old Mac with 1Password 3 around and still use Chrome on it then we'll have to help you with the fact that it's syncing extensions. If however the goal is to fully move to the new Mac with 1Password 6 and 1Password 3 won't be used any more then we can simply remove the 1Password 3 Chrome Extension as it can't communicate with 1Password 6.

    It might be I've also misunderstood and haven't realised what you're asking is how to get your data from the old Mac to the new, everything I wrote above is assuming that your data is on the new Mac.

    I figure a little more detail will clear this up and I'm confident that either way we can assist :smile:

  • noahchevalier
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    Thanks for your reply. My intention is to stop using my old Mac with 1Pass3, so I'll just have the new Mac with 1Pass6. Not all of my data is moved over from the old Mac to the new Mac.

    Question: Can I just install 1Pass6 on the old Mac in the meantime? Or is it simplest to just switch over to the new Mac ASAP?

    Does that help?
    Thank you,

  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @noahchevalier,

    The first steps of the guide that you're looking at are trying to determine one very particular nugget of information, is your 1Password 3 Chrome Extension still connected and synchronising to your 1Password 3 for Mac application. We have this check because they could become disconnected and if they did it is possible there is information that currently only exists inside the 1Password 3 extension. In your situation though this is only possible on your old Mac, not your new one.

    If the goal is to stop using the the old Mac entirely then here is what I would recommend.

    On your old Mac go through the steps of creating a test Login item from inside your browser using the old extension just as the steps want you to. If you see that new Login item inside of the 1Password 3 for Mac application on your old Mac then we've got the piece of information we need. It means you can safely delete the 1Password 3 Chrome Extension from Chrome on the newer Mac. I believe this deletion will synchronise back to the old one but that's fine. It as served its purpose and we know the Agile Keychain that is on your old Mac is up-to-date. This means when you use (or used if you've already done so) it to initialise 1Password 6 for Mac that it held all of your information and you aren't at risk of losing anything. You should then be good to install the new Chrome extension available from our 1Password Browser Extensions page.

    If you're unsure of anything I've suggested whether it be because I haven't gone into enough detail or you're not convinced I've understood your situation or requirements please do say and we'll work with you until everything is running smoothly.

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