Updated to ElCapitan and lost all my passwords. Keychain and Backups are greyed out, won't open.

1) I upgraded my Mac to El Capitan. Since then, when I open Password 3, I see everything but my passwords. I try to re-type the password (referencing my iPhone 1Password 3) but the password box will not accept any typing - it remains a white blank box.

2) I do NOT synch - not since the old method was discontinued. DropBox did not feel like a secure solution to me - so I don't have backup in my DropBox. If I ever get my passwords back, I would like to learn how to synch with a secure method - how can Drop Box be secure? My work at a university won't touch it.

3) In trying to find a solution (referencing the forums) I located the keychain on my Mac and the back-up files, but both the keychain and backup files are greyed out - they do not open when I click on them.

4) Another issue - or maybe not -My iPhone Password 3 app is unstable - overtime I use it, it shuts down suddenly at least once. I removed all of my photos from the phone to make more room - that might help. We'll see.

IF I get this password issue resolved, I was hoping to upgrade to more recent version of 1 Password that would make my experience of the program better, more efficient and effective. I have spent countless weekends and hours pouring over your Forums to try to fix this. I am truly at my wits end - I'm going back to an Excel spreadsheet if this can't be fixed.

Would appreciate ANY help you can offer.

1Password Version: 3.8.22
Extension Version: none listed
OS Version: OS X 10.11.2
Sync Type: none - never synched after old method discont


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