Chrome Extension for 1Password Beta - How do we prompt to save passwords and autofill?


I am newish to 1Password - I love the teams aspect as well as the linking between the local windows 10 app with what is online and then being able to share that data with others.

My issue is on the personal level of having Google Chrome on a Windows 10 laptop, prompting you to save your password. I have the old 4.6xxx version installed and it will prompt me for my personal login data. However it seems that data is only being stored in a local database and sharing between many devices becomes nearly impossible.

I am currently a LastPass user and it is working for me however it is a little less organized than 1Pass and I love the granular capabilities of 1Pass.

How can I blend the two?

1.) Have all passwords typed into Chrome saved in the "Online" synced version of 1Pass.
2.) Be able to use the Beta Windows 10 App as it gives me access to most of the data that is online.
3.) Get rid of or sync on a continuous basis the 4.6.xxxx version to the Online system so that no matter where I am I can access my vault.

Again I am on WIndows 10
I am using the latest version of Chrome
The extention for chrome will not work with the Windows 10 beta app so it requires I install the version, however the data there is not synced with the online and or Windows 10 beta app.

I am aware that a lot of this may be because it is "Beta" if that is the case then is there an ETA on a stable release date that will meld those features together?

Thank you for all your help.

1Password Version: 2016.3.2800
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10 Pro
Sync Type: NA
Referrer: kb:extension-troubleshooting, kb:sync-options, kb:teams-families-migrate


  • MikeT

    Hi @GeeksnComputers,

    Right now, there isn't a simple solution where you can have everything done with just one app. It is something we're working to implement as fast as we can but we don't have a timeframe when it'll be done.

    I'll explain what's happening but first, you can use the the Chrome extension to save your data to your local vault and when you open up the Windows 10 Beta app, you can open the same vault alongside with your Teams vaults and then copy the saved item to the Teams vault like so:

    The Windows 10 beta app does not support extensions at the moment. It is something we want to add as fast as we can but this is a new app where we need to focus on its core features first before we add on more features.

    The classic 1Password for Windows desktop program does not support Teams/Families at all, it was built specifically for local vaults before Families/Teams even existed. To make it work, it will require a major overhaul and we don't have a timeframe on when it'll be done.

    The 1Password browser extensions doesn't have any data or UI, that is handled by a process on your computer called 1Password Helper, which is included in the desktop program. 1Password Helper decrypts your local vault file and then communicate the data on the fly to the extensions to fill or save data. So, for the extensions to work with Families/Teams, 1Password Helper needs access to local copy of the Teams/Families data, which the desktop program doesn't handle. The Windows 10 app can't communicate with 1Password Helper right now nor we can reuse the code, it is not compatible.

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