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Dear Sir or Madam:
I purchased 1Password on my Mac in January. I created a master
password and hint. Since then, I've forgotten this password and
cannot find where I wrote it down.

I've tried to remove the app from my Mac and re-download a new vault
by moving the old icon to the trash bin and downloading a new one from
the App Store. At first it was difficult to eliminate. After
successfully removing it, I was surprised to find that the app I
download was the same originally password-protect app/vault that I
started with.

Since I never downloaded the original app/vault on my iPhone, I tried
to download a new app/vault on my iPhone. This was successful but now
I confronted with a 1Password Setup screen that says, "Create a new
vault if you've never used 1Password before, or sync your 1Password
information to get started."

I am not certain what I should do and desperately need your guidance.
Should I try to open as the existing app/vault--- and will I be able
to open it without the master password using my thumbprint touch
feature on my iPhone? Or should I open as a totally new vault and
start over entering my data? If I close the 2nd option, what will
happen when I sync my phone with my Mac containing the original

Thanks in advance for your prompt assistance. I was suppose turn in
my old work iPhone 5 that contains my old password storage app back in
February. Since it now May 31st, I'm really pushing the limit on its

Rod Cotton
[Phone number removed]
[email protected]


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    Hi @cottonr1,

    I'm sorry to hear about the problems you've had with 1Password. It sounds to me like you hadn't saved anything in 1Password, so you wouldn't be losing any information if you were to start over from scratch. The process to do so is a little bit different than what you did, you can find the instruction on how to start over here:

    About your phone, it wouldn't really help you access the information in your computer unless you have set up your Mac to do so to begin with. The best approach for you would be to follow the instructions that I mentioned above and once you have access to 1Password on your Mac, set up a syncing method there. Then you can click on "Sync with...". If you open a totally new vault you won't be able to set up sync with your Mac, as you need to do so from within 1Password.

    Please let me know how this goes for you and if everything starts working properly! :chuffed:

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