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  • jgross
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    Will this help move toward using limiting access to all of dropbox in order to sync, possibly by using their API?

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  • danco
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    What does "in the coming days" mean? Are you talking about a couple of weeks, a couple of months, some time this year. I realise you can't be precise, but a time scale might be helpful.

    I don't feel you understand the sense of security that 1PW Anywhere brought. I can't recall if I ever used it, but the knowledge that if my computer were stolen, I could still have easy access to my passwords felt very reassuring. Possibly that would apply even more if I were travelling with a smartphone or tablet.

    Carrying around a USB drive just provides one more thing to get lost or stolen. And having to configure a browser to allow local access may not be difficult but isn't trivial., especially if one is using an OS different from one's usual OS.

    And running one's own webserver is definitely a solution for techies, not for the average (or even fairly experienced) user. Given the kind of questions you get asked in the forums, it is cleat this isn't a solution for most of us.

    1PW Anywhere was a solution that did not require any special skills.

    AgileBits comments in the forums have suggested that 1PW for Families is the way to go both in general and specifically for solving this issue, and I am a touch surprised that you haven't even mentioned this in your post.

    Like many other people, I don't regard 1PW for Families as an acceptable answer for a single individual with no family as it is too expensive (especially as I have already paid for the versions of 1PW I need). But several AgileBits posts have implied that you are thinking of a possible even cheaper subscription for "1PW for Awesome Individuals". I hope that you will get round to offering this option. Of course 1PW for Families is so new that you are still feeing your way and can make no promises, but I do urge you to give such an option detailed consideration and to try and get feedback from users as to whether it is needed. I suspect you would find it is very popular.

  • jpgoldberg
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    Hi, @jgross!

    Sadly, 1PasswordAnywhere isn't involved in the reason why we need to ask for that "Anywhere on Dropbox" permission, so this won't help us clean that particular issue up.

    In the early days of Dropbox sync we allowed people to put their 1Password data anywhere on Dropbox. And so, to this day, some people have their 1Password data pretty much anywhere within their Dropbox folders. So while issues involve the words "Dropbox" and "Anywhere", 1PasswordAnywhere has nothing to do with "anywhere on Dropbox".

  • Hello @danco,

    I'm not exactly sure when things will stop working as it depends on when Dropbox rolls out their new version, but I suspect it will be sometime this month.

    You bring up a good point about the sense of security that 1PasswordAnywhere provided in the event that your device gets stolen. I can see where you are coming from, but I suspect @jpgoldberg is dying to say a thing or two about using public machines to access sensitive data, so I'm going to let him jump in here and talk about that :)

    As for 1Password Families, you're absolutely right, it is indeed what we're suggesting for less technical users who don't want to configure their own web servers or carry around USB drives. It is the perfect alternative to 1PasswordAnywhere so I can understand why you were surprised I didn't mention it.

    The reason I didn't bring it up was quite simple: I didn't want this post to come off as a mechanism to force people to switch to Families. Perhaps I was too timid here but I feared pitching 1Password Families would offend some people as they would feel they had no choice in the matter.

    Since you asked, however, I'm free to talk about how much better Families is and how it does far more than 1PasswordAnywhere ever did. When speaking strictly about web access, the new Families vault UI allows you to see and edit all your items, including your Documents. You can even generate passwords and view your Time-based One-Time Passwords as well.

    But web access is really just the tip of the ice berg. We also have the awesome new Account Key and Secure-er security design that we're incredibly fond of, free access to all the apps, powerful Admin Console, and the ability to go back in time and restore previous versions of items after they've been accidentally edited or deleted. We're really quite excited about it and you can see why didn't want to give the impression that Families is a replacement for 1PasswordAnywhere as it really is in a whole different league.

    Anyway, I'm sorry to talk your ear off about this. I was dying to talk about all this in my announcement so I just had to tell someone and you were the first one to ask :)

    Take care and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!


  • chart
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    Could we keep encryption passwords on my Apple Watch? And let Apple Watch Bluetooth talks direct to 1password mini in an encrypted way to fill in all information we want. We just press ok each time logging in each web page on my watch. This will save a lot of time. New device which have Bluetooth need to know 1password sdk if they would like support from all 1password customers too.

  • jpgoldberg
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    Hi @danco! I think you are spot on in seeking the reassurance that your data is always available to you. Data availability is an essential part of data security. So I very much understand the appeal of 1PasswordAnywhere to you, even if you never actually used it.

    And, as I often say, we often are faced not with security/convenience trade-offs, but security/security trade-offs. We have a lot more ways to help you keep your data available and accessible to you today than we used to, so the security gain in Availability that 1PasswordAnywhere offers is much much less than it used to. The fact that 1Password for mobile is a free download and even the free trial versions of our desktop clients will allow you to read your data means that there are lots of ways to get to your data.

    But at the same time as the security (Availability) gains from 1PasswordAnywhere have diminished, the increased attack surface it exposes remains the same. So the security tradeoff shifts. The main threat (other than people using it on untrusted devices), is that an attacker who gains write access to your Dropbox data can modify the 1Password.html file to their own malicious ends. A far smaller issue is that that Dropbox had to punch a few pin holes in their security model to allow 1PasswordAnywhere to function. I don't believe that that posed any meaningful threat, as it was carefully done, but it is the kind of thing that good security architecture should avoid.

    So, over the years that security/security balance has shifted. Not because some security threats increased, but because other security benefits decreased. As an important balance it needs to be reassessed from time to time. So there is a security component to the retirement of 1PasswordAnywhere that I'm glad to know have the opportunity to address.

    Your data is yours and it is there for you. That is as true without 1PasswordAnywhere as with it.



  • @danco: I forgot to touch on the part in your message where you asked for individuals plan for our new 1Password online service. You're right in that we're still early in our 1Password Families release so we are not focused on making any changes there yet, but it is certainly something we are considering.

    By the way, based on your comment I decided to update the original post to talk about 1Password Families and 1Password for Teams. You're right that it made sense to do so, so I decided to throw caution to the wind and go with my original instinct and include it. Thank you for the nudge :)

  • @chart: I'm not sure how Apple Watch could help with the retirement of 1PasswordAnywhere as the watch is highly dependant upon the iPhone for most of its tasks. If anything I'd say that your phone itself is the replacement for 1PasswordAnywhere. Perhaps you didn't mean to post in this thread?

    As for tapping "OK" to fill on your watch, perhaps I misunderstood your intent but I think the ⌘\ keyboard shortcut would be much more convenient and faster as your fingers would never need to leave the keyboard.

  • danco
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    I think the knowledge that you are considering a1PW for Individuals is the best I can hope for at present.

    As I think I have said more than once, after having done a quick try of 1PW for Families, I still feel that the only advantage for me (having paid for 1PW and set up syncing, and being quite prepared to set up more syncing if I buy other devices) is that it provides emergency access. I have looked at all the things you say the Families can do and either felt "not needed for me" or "can do in other ways"/

  • AGAlumB
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    Indeed, we're just getting started there, so I'm excited about what the future may bring too — not only for added features in 1Password Teams/Family (that might prove the deciding factor for you and others), but also the possibility of other offerings down the road.

    I don't think anyone expected 1PasswordAnywhere would live as long as it has. Just looking at in in 2016 it's clearly a relic of a bygone era. But I too have fond memories of it. I'm just grateful that Dropbox was able to accommodate it for this long, and that the steady march of technology has given rise to a number of alternatives that are both more secure and more useful. :)

  • s4nji
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    Currently I temporarily start a local nginx server (with the vault as the root directory) to access my 1PasswordAnywhere vault, synced via dropbox.

    If I understood it right, this setup will still work, and what will not work soon is the 1PA vault access via dropbox web interface. Is this correct?

  • AGAlumB
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    @s4nji: Exactly right! We're not making any changes to 1PasswordAnywhere, so that should continue to work just fine. :)

  • @s4nji,

    Just be sure that your server will only serve 1PasswordAnywhere over SSL. :)


  • ziwzih
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    start a local nginx server (with the vault as the root directory) to access my 1PasswordAnywhere vault, synced via dropbox.

    For those of us not technologically equipped to make this a reality, what do you propose is the best way to move forward? I don't have the money or intention of paying for families and I've found that I used 1Passwordanywhere more often than I thought, when at a friend's house or in a pinch at school without my computer. Is there still an alternative to carrying a thumb drive or setting up your own server? What do I do if I'm in a meeting without my computer and need to quickly log into gdrive to download a document?

  • AGAlumB
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    @ziwzih: Use one of the free mobile apps, or modify your browser to allow local file access to 1PasswordAnywhere. Apart from that, you will need a server to host 1PasswordAnywhere. 1PasswordAnywhere itself hasn't changed, but between changes to browsers and Dropbox it's slowly become more difficult over the years.

  • fowlesp
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    Looking for the best wasy to access 1Password from a Work PC.

    I don't have Admin rights so cannot install the client software - although I may be able to install the browser plugin.

    Searching the forums hasn't revealed anything conclusive. Is "1PasswordAnywhere" still a think?

    Any advice/recommendations would be appreciated

    1Password Version: 6.3.1
    Extension Version: Not Provided
    OS Version: Windows 7 Professional
    Sync Type: Dropbox
    Referrer: forum-search:portable installation

  • KiwiB
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    I thought I would chime in. Been using 1Password since the early days. Multiple licences over the years for myself and my family.
    I use 1Password Anywhere on my work PC where I cant be installing the client software on. Now I cant access the information I need easily. Yeah, so i have a smartphone. But when your Password is a 20char long string of characters you cant copy and paste it.. you need to type each char separately. Its not a dead end, but such a huge loss of functionality.

    Licences for 1Password arn't cheap either. I know nothings free in this world but still very dissapointed


  • Megan
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    Hi @KiwiB,

    I sincerely apologize for the frustration here. I can certainly understand how this is a difficult change for you.

    I don’t have a perfect solution for you, but I can suggest a workaround that might make your life a bit easier. Passwords made out of 20+ random characters are a pain to type. Believe me, I know. 1Password wordlist password generator can help a lot here. You can generate a password made out of 4 or 5 random words instead of a jumble of characters. It might result in a few more characters to type, but we tend to be a lot more adept at typing actual words than random strings. And these wordlist passwords can be just as secure as the character-based ones, so you’re not losing out on security but definitely increasing your convenience. With the large type feature available in 1Password for iOS and 1Password for Android, it will be simple to read that password from your mobile device to type it into your computer.

    As I said, it’s not ideal, but I hope it helps!

  • DavidLevine
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    Everyone on the 1Password team does not seem to be on the same page. This post was created on 4/15/16 about 1PasswordAnywhere going away. On 4/19/16, a video was posted on the 1Password YouTube channel about how to sync 1Password data to Dropbox.

    Also, why was this information not made more available? This is a huge change and should have been better communicated, such as via email and Twitter. I only visit these forums if I have an issue, as I imagine most customers do.

    As @KiwiB stated, I too would use 1PasswordAnywhere on a PC that was not my own. When possible, I make my passwords 30 characters long with special characters and everything. Having to manually read the password from my phone and type it in is not ideal.

    I am very disappointed in this decision, but am more disappointed in the lack of communication and visibility regarding it.

  • Megan
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    Hi @DavidLevine,

    I am sorry that you were relying on 1PasswordAnywhere to access your 1Password data on a regular basis. I hope that my suggestion about giving wordlist passwords a try instead of random strings of characters can help you as well, if you’re not interested in checking out 1Password Families.

    As to the video you linked, I’m not quite sure I see where the trouble is. 1PasswordAnywhere was just one bonus of using Dropbox - Dropbox sync itself certainly isn’t going anywhere. We still think that Dropbox is an awesome way to keep your data synced up between multiple platforms.

  • DavidLevine
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    @Megan I incorrectly remembered the video and thought it mentioned 1PasswordAnywhere. My apologies. However, I commented on the original video link that was tweeted by the 1Password Twitter account about how I hope 1PasswordAnywhere wasn't going anywhere. I received a comment back from a 1Password employee stating it wasn't and that it was widely used. Suspiciously, the link to the video changed and the comments are gone.

    Suggesting I change the password to hundreds of websites so it is easier to type them on a PC while reading them from my phone is not very realistic. Also, paying $60 a year so I can use something similar that was included when I paid for the app is not a great solution either.

    I know you're trying to help and I appreciate it. I'm just really frustrated by this happening and the lack of communication behind the decision.

  • Megan
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    Hi @DavidLevine,

    Thanks for clarifying! I’m truly sorry that I don’t have a better solution for you at this time. I’ll make sure that your feedback is passed along.

  • thebruce
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    I'm in the same boat as many others here, been a regular user of 1password anywhere when I'm at work - IT will not let me install dropbox etc..

    If I migrate/upgrade to 1Password Families, it seems to be implying there is a web based model that I could access my data. Can you confirm this is true? And can this be achieved without any installation of software, whether it be dropbox or 1PW? Trying to see if I have a solution whilst at work other than copy long passwords from my phone into work's PC browser.

    Many thanks

  • Megan
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    Hi @thebruce,

    1Password Families and 1Password for Teams does come with a handy web interface that you can use to manage your vaults and access your data. At this time, it is not possible to fill directly from this web interface, so you will need to copy and paste your details into sites that you wish to sign into, but it will give you access to your data without installing anything on your work machine. :)

  • NickRo
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    Wow, today 1Password got me locked out of everything. Everything? Yeah, I store every single login in my vault. every. single. login.
    Today I just found out that 1PasswordAnywhere isn't any more. So I'm here at a client, where we are not allowed to install any application, where we are not allowed to use the phone or any external media. I can't access my emails, PayPal, Facebook - you name it. Nothing.

    I was always wondering when you enhance the webversion to make it a bit more up to date but killing it completely kills nearly the whole need of 1Password for me. You don't always carry a smartphone with you. I travel a lot in different countries and my smartphone might not work there or whatever. My whole setup relies on two Passwords, Dropbox and the one for my vault. Btw, even if I have my phone around me, I clearly don't want to type in complicate passwords with over 22 characters each single time I close my incognito browser window with 8 websites open.

    I'm not sure how the families plan should work out, it is more expensive for someone who already bought the regular version and is a "family" of one. Hosting my own version is a no go and so is the USB solution. So what I'm left with as of today, is looking for an alternative which is pretty sad. You were the only reliable Password Manager till today, when I got locked out of everything.

    This is a really really bad day today.

  • Jörg B.
    Jörg B.
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    It would be great if Agilebits would have provided a fairly priced and secure synchronization service accessible via a webinterface for individual users (and not families/teams) by the time Dropbox based 1PasswordAnywhere was dropped.

    I certainly do understand that there are or were good reasons why 1PasswordAnywhere via or for Dropbox users is no longer supported but for me switching to Families / Teams is not an option - I, as a single user, after having purchased multiple licenses for my Mac & Windows machine(s) over the years certainly will not pay another $60 / year for something that's meant for multiple users and i "can" also use as a single user.

    I am in the same position as NickRo but compared to other Password manager applications and -services that do offer secure synchronization and web-access, 1Password Families/Teams is, again.. for me as a single user, overpriced. Yesterday I had web-access to my passwords for free, today I'd have to start paying not for what I need and want but for a package that I mostly would not want nor need just to get mere webaccess back.

    Competitors provide the same for way less than $60/year and so I am dropping 1Password. They may be worse in some areas, but as an individual user and customer over many years and licenses, I feel sad - sad because I have been very, very happy overall with 1Password, but I am not a family, nor a team and dropping that functionality without offering a real migration path for single users is quite disappointing.

  • DavidLevine
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    I agree with Jörg B. $60 a year is a pretty hefty price. In my opinion, the biggest competitor to 1Password is LastPass. Granted, LastPass doesn't have as polished a UI, but it is $12 for the same functionality across all devices. They have also been offering their online password vault for longer, so I have to wonder if it is more polished and functional.

    I am not ready to jump ship quite yet. If 1Password ever gets rid of the "standalone" accounts and forces everyone into subscriptions, then I will jump ship. I will also consider alternatives when another big update comes along and I have to make a decision whether or not to purchase it.

    Community Member

    This is unacceptable.

    I only use Dropbox to gain access to my passwords.

    You guys said you were going to support Google Drive.
    That literally was spoken about years ago, and each and every year we waited and never got it.

    USB drive option? Are you serious?
    Of course another option is to invest more money into another product you guys make. So take away our free options that we have been using and force us to go down these other roads.

    That is absurd.

    You have been reading complaints for how long and yet all you guys do is reply with these options are effin ridiculous.

    Now I am forced to

    1: Log in through my iPhone.
    2: Sit here and try to perfectly type in each character for all the websites I log into first thing in the morning.
    3: Continue wasting my time sitting here typing in crazy long convoluted passwords.
    4: Still wasting time.

    So essentially you have sold me a product that had functionality that you have now decided to take away.

    How do I get a refund?

  • jchuckk
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    I have to say, I have read all of the comments above and I agree with most everything said. I understand the reasons that 1Password Anywhere was done away with. The web interface of 1Password Family is exactly what I'm missing, however like was said before for an individual user, $60 a year seems prohibitive, also I know that for us Windows 7 users, there is little support for Families... So requiring me to upgrade to that to Windows 10 as well is very frustrating. I would suggest that there be an option for individual users who as Jörg B said are "not a family, nor a team" at least temporarily.

    I would love to use passwords that are easier to read, but as was said before then, the bottleneck is that I have my phone on me and be able to both read and type them in (nevermind the time it would take to go through changing all of those passwords...).

    I'm by no means ignorant of technology, but I also do not have the means to host a server and so simply saying that I "modify your browser to allow local file access to 1PasswordAnywhere" is not very useful. The USB solution is not ideal, but I am willing to try it to get by as I can't currently afford to subscribe to Families. But this response about modifying my browser has been repeated word for word in this thread with no elaboration. I have done this and tried a few test html files that I am able to open correctly, however that is not the case with 1Password. The html file is not able to find a "key data file". I would very much appreciate at least a guide from the 1Password staff elaborating on how this is possible, even if it came with a disclaimer about why Families is a more secure option and why I should make the switch.

    The speed with which 1Password Anywhere was done away with is what is most frustrating about this situation. I'll be honest, I don't read every email I get, but I can tell you that I had no idea it was going away until I tried accessing it from my Dropbox yesterday. And looking back, the only emails I have from AgileBits are regarding my purchase of my license and the connection to Dropbox. This is very unsettling as a customer, because who's to say that (if I decide not to leave) I do sign up for a Family account by myself, I may become reliant on some feature that is equally inconvenient to support. Will it too disappear in the night? 1Password was by far my favorite, but now I am definitely going to consider if my money won't go farther somewhere else. I was more that happy with the functionality I had previously and with the helpfulness of the 1Password team, but this is very discouraging.

    Also, I should say that the only reason I used 1Password Anywhere was that I work on a Linux machine, where I don't have installation permissions. So even if there were to come a Linux distribution of 1Password, I wouldn't readily be able to install it.

  • Thanks for the comments everyone.

    I agree it would be great to have a single user plan in our new hosted service. It is an idea we've kicked around quite a bit and in time it will become a reality. We're simply early in the process and need time to get there. To put things in perspective, 1Password Teams entered beta testing in November and 1Password Families was released in mid-February. We want to officially launch Teams and complete our Windows support before revisiting individual plans.

    @jchuckk: You're totally right about the local file access – I totally forgot to elaborate on that! Here's how you can enable local file access in Safari and Chrome:


    You can get around local file restrictions in Safari by selecting Develop > Disable Local File Restrictions from the menu bar. (You will need to enable the Develop menu first if you haven't already. This is done by checking the box for "Show Develop menu in menu bar" on the Advanced pane in Safari's preference.)


    Local file restrictions are controlled by a command line parameter when launching Chrome:


    Note the two dashes at the beginning. As for Opera or Firefox, as far as I know, is no way to enable this within those browsers.

    I'll update my post to include a link to these instructions so others can find this easier :)

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