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  • Not having the password generator is a real problem for me. Seriously how hard could have been to implement? It already works on every other platform you have. It seems like the Windows "Beta" version is just an excuse and has me seriously considering switching to another password manager solution. I already have one running in the background simply as a password generator.

    At least I just changed to the family plan and am still in my trial period.

    Is there any schedule on when this/all missing functionality will be added?

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    @eryk: I hope you don't mind, but I've split you off into a separate discussion in the Windows beta category of the forums, rather than complicating things in the thread where another user was trying to get help with their setup.

    Anyway, no excuses: the 1Password 6 Windows desktop app is brand new, so, yes, it is still in beta. As you rightly noted, it isn't yet feature complete, so we're working hard to improve it every day.

    In case it helps, rather than running a separate app in the background, you can actually run 1Password in the background (it will do this by default, in the notification area) since the password generator is present in the main app already. But we're anxious to add the password generator to 1Password mini so it can be used in the browser as well, especially now that we've added Autosave in recent betas.

    We don't have release dates for specific features because we're busy adding each as quickly and effectively as we can, rather than trying to do everything at once. And I think the release notes speak to how frequently we're updating the app with new features and other improvements.

    I'm sorry that it doesn't yet have everything you (and I, and we) want. We're focused on making all of that a reality, one step at a time. :)

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