Password generator / other features from 1Password 4 (Windows) in 1Password 6?

OK, so all the good stuff I read about 1Password was apparently 1Password 4, as you've just rearchitected. A lot of your support information for Windows is irrelevant if you've started off with an account, so if you're able, going back and making it really really clear what article is for what platform might save you a lot of support time.

Anyway: I have 1Password 6 and it seems to be remembering passwords just fine. Not sure yet about filling, as my browser is also remembering and I'm not going to turn that off just yet.

There are several things you could do in 1Password 4 that I am very much hoping are on the roadmap for 1Password 6.

  1. Generate passwords from the browser extension (or do ANYTHING besides just search the vault or view current page)
  2. See password security at a glance from the list view (and the 1P4 list view was more compact, so you could see more at once) without having to click on everything
  3. To be honest, I'm not even seeing where you can generate passwords from the app! And everything I find in support either references the Mac version or 1Password 4.
  4. The duplicate search would also be great but I don't think you can do that either.

Do you have a userguide yet for what is / is not available in 1Password 6, and if not available, when it's scheduled? I'm not sure I'll stay here if it's this low-featured.

1Password Version: 6.0.245d
Extension Version: 6.0.245d
OS Version: 7 Enterprise SP1
Sync Type: 1Password account


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    Hi @lizrouns,

    Thanks for writing in. 1Password 6 is not a rebuilt version, it's actually a new codebase, different language and toolset, we're not re-architecting anything. That's why it doesn't have everything available yet, we have to compress the previous seven years worth of features we had in 1Password 1-4 for Windows and implement it better for the new version.

    As we're getting closer to our first stable update and we will start adding more docs as well, integrating it with the general articles as one of our goals is to make sure 1Password 6 is very consistent between macOS and Windows. As of right now, we're still making changes daily to the app that can impact the content in the docs.

    1. The password generator is near the top of our list to implement for 1Password mini soon. We need to make a few changes to the domain matching first and to finalize our compatibility with the upcoming updates to our browser extension.
    2. I'm not sure what you mean, do you mean the ability to view the password strength bar inline of each item inside the item list?
    3. In the main 1Password 6 program, every password field has a generator next to it, you can click on the icon on the right side of the field to bring it up. You can start with creating a new Password item and click on the icon next to the password field to generate a new password for it. When we add the new password generator to 1Password mini, you will be able to bring up the 1Password mini, select to choose a new password and 1Password mini then will automatically create a new password item for you if the password is not for a site, like in 1Password 4.
    4. Security Audit with the duplicate/weak/old passwords and Watchtower haven't been implemented yet, it is coming in the future.

    We don't have an ETA yet, we're making progress daily and we still have some foundation changes we need to make and once we're done, we'll be able to ship more features more quickly.

  • Thanks for quick response! All fair points, just learning my way around as a new user.

    On #2, I thought I remembered seeing a "strength" bar as one of the fields in the list of items - e.g., not just sitename / login name. One of the things I really need to do is not just CAPTURE all my passwords, but CHANGE many of them - as many of them are weak or shared. So that would help me figure out at a glance which ones aren't strong, without having to click on each one to see its details. But you would know better than I.

    On #3, great, didn't see that.

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    Hi @lizrouns,

    You're welcome.

    Yes, we haven't implemented the password strength in the item detail viewer just yet.

    This is what 1Password 4 is doing:

    We do want to make this data visible in 1Password 6 as well, we're just not there yet to implement the UI.

    So that would help me figure out at a glance which ones aren't strong, without having to click on each one to see its details. But you would know better than I.

    Yep, that's part of the overall Security Audit feature set that we will add to 1Password. This is what it looks like in the macOS version of 1Password right now, on the sidebar:

    You can click on Weak Passwords, it'll show you all items that has weak passwords or you can click on Duplicate Passwords where 1Password can find all items that has identical passwords since password reuse is very bad.

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