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iCloud sync [Apple does not offer CloudKit on Windows]

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  • RandomizerRandomizer
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    Many of us, myself included, purchased a license to cover us across Mac and Windows and do not want to add one more subscription to our lives. Everybody thinks they can push customers to a subscriber model. Like others - I just want to be able to use my Mac / Windows license on both Mac and Window. For me, sync is handled appropriately by iCloud. Windows can also access iCloud. Shouldn't I be able to sync using it?

  • RandomizerRandomizer
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    edited October 2016

    I just re-added 1Password to my PC. When I launch it provides only three options:
    1. I am new to 1Password
    2. I have used 1Password before
    3. Restore 1Password from vault

    2 is most accurate but when selected it asks that I point it towards the vault. This is a fresh install to this PC and so there is no vault. The vault is synced across several Mac devices now via iCloud. I would just want to tap into that. How would I do this?

  • Hi @Randomizer,

    Please understand that we're not trying to force anyone to switch from the current licence model to the new subscription model.
    If you're happy with what you use, we're happy to have you as a customer.

    Interestingly, you also presented the perfect case for the subscription model.

    iCloud sync is only available between iOS and macOS devices. There's a difference between iCloud Sync and the ability to access your iCloud Drive on Windows. The only way to effectively sync information between the iOS, macOS, and Windows version, is Dropbox.

    The 1Password.com service makes this a lot easier. It takes all of the work out of keeping your data in sync between devices and especially devices on different platforms.

    Here's our guide for syncing your 1Password data with Dropbox: How to sync 1Password with Dropbox

    Please let us know if you have any other questions.



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