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I use 1Password on both Mac and iPhone. I find the ability to sync these via the network very useful but also quite frustrating. It's very hard to tell when a sync is occurring even if initiated manually as there is no indication of any sort in 1Password for Mac that a sync is in progress. Often the sync process does not seem to do anything but it is very unclear from the iPhone log why this is and I often end up having to delete the iPhone from within 1Password and re-add/re-authenticate it in order to get it to sync.



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    Hello Chris,

    If you watch closely at the sidebar of 1Password Mac in the SYNC section you'll see a "spinner" to the right of your device's name when a sync is underway. Similarly, on your iPhone you'll see the network activity spinner at the very top... just to the right of your Wi-Fi strength indicator.

    The Wi-Fi sync for 1Password is so fast and is intended to be "invisible" we don't have any intentions in bringing more attention to it than it needs. Only the items that have been added/changed/deleted get synced so the longest time you'll see any of the spinners is during a full data file sync when you've deleted everything on the mobile device for whatever reason.

    If you're having trouble with items not syncing please do let us know the details so we can look into it for you.
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