1Pasword Mini is not staying open consistently

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Recently, the 1Password Mini application will pop up and then immediately close in Chrome, for sites where there's more than one match. This happens with Ctrl+\ and the button, but more often with the shortcut. It happens repeatedly. I was running the beta extension but dropped back to the stable one to fix the double-save-prompt issue (elsewhere), but the issue had been happening recently with either extension. Sometimes trying again works, or switching to the button from the shortcut, but often the only fix is to exit 1Password from the tray icon and reopen it, then it works at least for a time. Any thoughts?

I have multiple daily-use sites that have multiple passwords saved and there's no way to prevent some from showing in Mini yet, so it's getting a bit annoying :-) The brief window flash is showing the filtered list correctly, just disappearing too quickly to even move the mouse much less make a selection.

1Password Version: 6.2.334d
Extension Version:
OS Version: Win 10 Pro
Sync Type: 1Password Families


  • Hi @dszp,

    Thanks for reporting this.

    There are a few related issues we've found recently. Restarting 1Password app was the only cure to it and it stays working until you trigger multiple clicks on the 1Password icon prior to 1Password mini showing up, which would then make it unstable. After this, both shortcut or mouse click would see 1Password mini show up half of the time as it lost track of when it should show up.

    Can you confirm if you sometime click on 1Password icon again prior to 1Password mini showing up? Try reproducing this by restarting 1Password app completely and then unlock it, now try clicking several times on the 1Password icon just before 1Password mini shows up, does it then seem to be unstable from now on?

  • dszp
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    @MikeT Thanks--this morning, of course, despite my best efforts, Mini is 100% solid no matter what I try :-) I tried several sites with multiple passwords saved (or not), tried clicking the 1P icon multiple times rapidly, each time Mini popped up the correct number of times. Used keyboard shortcut fill several times on several sites as well, multiple times before Mini popped up as well, still nothing could phase it. I'll keep an eye out. I very rarely use the 1P shortcut button at all. Almost always keyboard shortcut, unless I start having Mini showing the issue I described and then I switch to the button to try and get it working (with mixed success, usually not, until a 1P restart). Not sure what triggers the problem.

    I do know that once the problem starts happening, I've clicked the 1P icon and instead of 1P showing up, sometimes the menu for the HTTPS Everywhere extension pops up as if I'd left-clicked on its icon in my extension list. Not consistently, but it's happened enough times it's not just a fluke. And the HTTPS Everywhere icon is the 6th one from the left in my Extension icons, with 1P being the first, so I'm very sure I didn't actually click on the HTTPS Everywhere icon. Minimizing that browser window or switching to another (or restarting 1P) seems to fix it, and it's not consistent with every click but once the problem starts happening with 1P Mini, maybe out of 4-8 repeated clicks on 1P trying to get a Mini that works, results in the HTTPS Everywhere menu once or twice if it happens, but not 100% of the time Mini has issues.

    I'm pretty choosy about what Extensions I run due to the fact that they have extended permissions in the browser, but I have added a number of useful ones over the years. It's been pretty consistent for a few months, since before this problem, except I added the Toby tab management extension to try it out a couple of weeks ago (after this problem started) and the Mini issue seemed to happen a bit more often, so I've disabled Toby for the time being (hasn't stopped the 1P issue--feels like it happens a bit less often but that could just be observation bias from disabling Toby :-)

    Other than Toby, my current Extension list is inside the latest 1Password Diagnostics report from the last time I emailed one, which I'm sure you can find. Happy to make the list here but that's probably faster. In an ideal world other extensions wouldn't make a difference, but in an ideal world this wouldn't be a problem (and 1Password wouldn't even be necessary) so I think we both agree the world isn't ideal :-D I relate it only because of the oddity of having HTTPS Everywhere's button act as if I'd clicked it when I clicked the 1P icon.

  • Hi @dszp,

    Thanks for the details, I really appreciate it.

    There are a lot of Windows enforced rules of how a hidden background process can focus a window in front of the user, to prevent random apps stealing focus randomly, and the only reliable method we've found for 1Password mini is to emulate a click onto the middle of its window to focus it. This is only when you click on 1Password icon, not the shortcut because shortcut is a user intervention action that we can use to bring up 1Password mini. The reason we have to emulate the click is because you're clicking into the browser, not 1Password mini, so it is our background process bringing up 1Password mini. Ah, how our developers are not all bald yet is a mystery.

    What you're likely seeing is the mouse click being sent but as 1Password mini doesn't show up, it went through and I suspect HTTPS Everywhere is to the right of 1Password where that middle area of the mini would show up.

    We only trigger the click if the window is rendered first, so it shouldn't send that click if the window is no longer there but that begs the question, did 1Password mini really disappear or was it behind Chrome?

    If you see this again, can you hide all windows, just to make sure 1Password mini is not hidden?

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