Just need a better understanding...

This may sound silly, but I'm not really sure how this works.

I have had 1Password on my iPhone synced with my Mac for a long time, based on advice from Chalene Johnson.

I just hired a virtual assistant, created a Team account, and added my VA as a user. We are the only two. Seeing popups saying that having a second admin as part of a recovery plan is recommended, I'd like to add my husband to the team.
*First question... should I have just created a Family plan (rather than a Team plan) since there's only two of us who will be actually using the vault since it will cost an additional $4.99 to add my husband? If so, how do I change from one plan to another?
*Next question... I have my own master password to the vault that I haven't shared with anyone. However, when I add website logins to the vault shared to my VA, I realize I am entering my website's passwords. My VA can see those passwords, correct? I guess I'm wondering... how is that protecting me when she could potentially write my passwords down or share with others? Am I doing something wrong? Should she only have the option to "open" the website?
*Last question... I originally started with an unpaid version of 1Password (I'm pretty sure) and have a fairly significant amount of data in that vault under one email address. I created the paid Teams account with a different email address. Can I merge all of the data into the paid vault? How do I do that?

Thanks for your help!

1Password Version: 6.5.3
Extension Version:
OS Version: OS X 10.12.3
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • Roman
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    Hi @Lisa_Yount - Thanks for getting in touch! :)

    As a general rule, Team accounts are meant for business while Family accounts are intended for a more personal use. Your instinct to go for a Team accounts was a good one, as it sounds like you're using 1Password for business. :)

    Your questions sound like we'd need to discuss specifics of your account setup and business workflow. We value your privacy, so I'd like to take our conversation to email. I've just sent you a reply. Please get back to me at your earliest convenience and we can start to figure out what we can do to help! :-)

    ref: VET-47554-246

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