Deploying 1Password6 to Windows 7 & Window 10 workstations. Is there a way to disable auto updates?


We deploy 1Password6 using MDT2013 to our corporate Windows 7 and Windows 10 workstations. We wish to prevent automatic updates / notifications from occurring. Is there a way to configure the installation process to disable this feature? We currently deploy the application via command line on a per machine basis.


1Password Version: 6
Extension Version: 3.359d
OS Version: Windows 7 & Indows 10
Sync Type: Not Provided
Referrer: forum-search:disable windows updates


  • @awood sure, please find 1password.json file in app folder, inside you will see entry

        "update": {
            "delayBeforeFirstCheckForUpdates": "0:05:00",
            "timeBetweenCheckForUpdates": "1.00:00:00",
            "isBetaVisible": true,
            "isBetaEnabled": false,
            "isAutoCheckingForUpdates": true

    To disable auto updates just set isAutoCheckingForUpdates to false and restart app. 1password.json is made for scenarios like yours, we would appreciate your feedback if you feel something is missing there :)

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