The new 6.x version on Windows does not support all sites the 4.x version did


I have one site that I have to visit a few times a day. The standalone version worked perfect on that but the new 6.x version (I am on a Family plan trial) does not recognize the site. When trying to fill it, it can't find the suited login, but neither 1password asks me to add the login to the database.
Maybe it has to do with the format of the URL? http://s103nl02/MijnTG/Account/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=/mijntg/uren/ureninvoer.aspx

I am using 6.3.359d with extension

On the other hand.... This one filles my iCLoud login, the standalone stopped doing that long time ago :-)


  • Krit60
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    Additional info...

    I have deleted the old entry for this site and now 1password asked if I would like to save it. So I did. But on the next login it does not know that the new entry could be used on this page. I can find it when searching though...

  • Hi @Krit60,

    Thanks for writing in.

    Yes, we don't support hostnames like that yet in 1Password 6. We depend on the TLD to find the right item in the database.

    We use the same browser extensions between 1Password 4 and 6 but most of the algorithms are within the main app, thus why 1Password 6 has this issue and not 1Password 4.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a timeframe on when we might support hostnames.

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