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Your web portal will not accept our master password on my wife's attempt to log into your account.

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Prior to adding my wife to my family account, I changed passwords. I had some trouble with the system accepting the change, but I thought I'd worked through them. I then added my wife to the account and then added the 1Password app to her iphone. The app on her iphone would not accept our master password. I finally tried the old password and the app opened to our account. I then tried logging her into our account through your web portal, and the web portal rejected both the new existing master password and the old replaced password. I triple checked all the sign in information. I tried logging into our account through the web portal using my sign in information, and that was successful using the new existing master password.

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  • FrankFrank

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    Hi @dhemer - Thank you for the additional details. When your wife tries to log into the account, make sure she is using her own Secret Key and Master Password. Each user on the account has their own login details which is unique to that specific user. Keep me posted if this is the case and we can continue the discussion via email so we don't share any private information here :-)

  • dhemerdhemer
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    Yes, we were careful to use HER login details, and we triple checked their accuracy as we entered with repeated tries.

  • FrankFrank

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    Hi dhemer - I appreciate the confirmation. So let's move our discussion over to email so we don't share any private details here :+1: When you get a chance, reply back to the email I sent over so we can work on this together :+1:

    ref: RHL-15273-565

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