Two-Factor Authentication Autofill For Browser Extensions

I'd like to ping the devs on this feature, as there has been much talk (mostly in other sections of the forum), but no movement or at least news recently that I can find.

I don't see a tagging system in your forum, so for good measure, because of the variance in parlance, I'm going to throw in the word variations 2-factor, duo-factor, multi-factor, authenticator, and auto-fill, just so we can capture everyone.

I see the official documentation suggests copying and pasting codes. That was so 1Password 4 :sarcastic:

I understand that this is difficult because of a lack of standards around the two-factor authentication fields that are in use, but you have to start somewhere. Maybe you all should propose the standard to W3C?

I love two-factor auth. I use it in nearly every instance that it's available unless it's just silly to worry about it. It would be so, ever so convenient if you guys could start working on implementing a solution for this.

We can manipulate the web form data in an auto-saved login already, is that right?

So couldn't we also customize a login by inputting the label or name of the of the two-factor auth field? I know that's a pain, but I'd go through it for the sites I use every day. Actually now that I look closer, it seems that I can't manually add web form fields, is that correct?

I'd be interested in a brief tutorial on how to do that if it is in fact possible. And if it isn't, maybe that's where you should start?

Thanks for all of your hard work, team!

1Password Version: 1Password 6.6.416d
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10
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  • Greg
    1Password Alumni

    Hello there @Jables,

    Thank you for participating in the forum, using 1Password 6, and for the GIF! :+1:

    You can create a custom field while creating/editing an item in 1Password 6 for Windows now. Here is how it looks:

    Moreover, when you use 1Password extension to fill your credentials on the website with 2FA, your temporary one-time password should be copied to the clipboard automatically. Is this the feature you need or am I totally off the mark here? Please let us know.


  • Jables
    Community Member

    Ah! Brilliant! You are a hero!

    I had no idea that the one-time password was automatically copied to the clipboard. That completely solves my inquiry. :)

    However, your response about creating and editing fields is not what I meant. I was referring to the fields that are automatically created based on the input fields of a signup form, like in my screenshot above where i've clicked "Show web form details" (and now subsequently in the actual screenshot says "Hide web form details" after being clicked).

    I'm not worried about that part anymore though now that I know that the one-time password is copied to the clipboard. That's absolutely fantastic.

    Add that to this article in the Knowledge Base.
    It suggests you have to manually copy it. At least, that is my inference from the image and description:

  • AGAlumB
    1Password Alumni

    @Jables: Ah, thanks for clarifying! Good point. We definitely don't want to mention that in the knowledgebase yet though, as it isn't fully rolled out across all versions of 1Password. The Mac and iOS apps have this in beta currently though, so hopefully it wont be much longer. Cheers! :)

  • tsr1
    Community Member

    Hi there. I have basically what was the same question as Jables, but I want to keep running with it... Is there a way to get 1Password to auto-populate the 2FA field? Is it just a matter of getting the name of the field on the site, or does 1password only fill in username and password? thanks!

  • 1Password can fill more than just a username and password but it can't automatically fill the TOTP. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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