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Password works in browser, Not in Local App

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I even cut and paste it, from notepad, to test it. Once into the browser to verify I didn't mess it up and then into the local app and browser helper.

New password works on iPad, ios, android, not on Windows in the local app. (worked on my windows laptop at home though).

Sync issue?

1) just now it occurred to me to try the old password.
2) It worked
3) I am able to reveal my passwords (is this a sort of offline mode?). In any case, a better error message on the lock screen would be useful. Not sure if the connection was blocked (offline mode) or something else.
4) my 1password item shows the old password.
5) A red bar at the bottom says authentication issue for my account.

Tried signing in through both the app and the browser helper.

It's a bug unless this is how it's supposed to work.

let me know.


1Password Version: latest
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 7 Pro
Sync Type: my.1password


  • @AlwaysSortaCurious: This is how it's supposed to work for now, but we are working on making this process better. It's noted in the change Master Password article that you need to first unlock 1Password for Windows with your old Master Password, but we know it's not intuitive (and that y'all aren't out there reading the support docs for funsies, much though I'd love that :wink:). Unfortunately, since the Windows app can't know that you've changed your Master Password until you unlock it and it attempts a sync with the server, we can't throw a better error until that point either. For now, this is working as intended, but we do want to fix it. :+1:

  • Yeah, that's frightening. That behavior needs to be somehow different. (exhales)

  • @AlwaysSortaCurious: You're preaching to the choir. I hate this behavior and spent a lot of time talking to the development team so we could make it as not gross as possible, but it's definitely still pretty gross. My crusade has not ended here and full nag mode has been engaged, so if nothing else I will definitely be annoying people until this gets better. :+1:

  • lol! Thank you!. It a product that is supposed to keep people out, there is nothing quite as frightening when you think you have done it to yourself!

  • Haha! I totally understand that, @AlwaysSortaCurious. It's easy for us to think of this in terms of folks accessing their account on multiple devices, but I can definitely see how this would be more frightening for someone only using Windows. What's a headscratcher to those able to access data elsewhere may be more of a panic moment for folks on Windows only. I'll add that tidbit to my nag arsenal. :wink:

  • I access it from multiple places, but you depend on consistency. When it wouldn't work, I had a heart attack and my brain froze up. Once I saw I could open my other devices I was ready to export the DB and run (show that to the prod manager). I just emptied my LastPass account (why leave traces of important info everywhere, ey?) If I only had windows, omg.

    Thanks again.

  • Not a problem at all, @AlwaysSortaCurious! Appreciate the additional ammo on this issue. Hopefully you'll be saved any future heart attacks now that you know. Sorry! :blush:

  • kipowellkipowell
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    I'm grateful for this thread! @AlwaysSortaCurious @bundtkate I've tried to uninstall and reinstall the local app on my Windows so many times in an effort to get it to open. Apparently I just needed to type in my old password (which I thought I tried earlier, but it just seemed to work now, so who knows?). :/ Wasted time aside, I'm glad that I can finally use the app!

  • Hooray, @kipowell! I'm so glad this thread was able to help you out. :chuffed:

  • That "feature" ought to come with a warning.... :)

  • GregGreg
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    @AlwaysSortaCurious: Aren't all features in the software world like that? ;) Kidding. I am glad to hear Kate was able to clarify this situation. If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know. In the meantime, we will be busy improving 1Password for Windows. :+1:


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