I have to click multiple times on items in Firefox extension



  • At the moment I am very unlucky with v7 since again there are some features gone. Like there already was a feature reduction while changing to opvault. Especialy I am missing the possibility to use folders in v7. But thats off topic.

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    @xadox: We support nested tags in 1Password 7 instead. Please feel free to share your feedback about them in an email to [email protected], we will be happy to discuss them with you.

    As for the topic: if you tried 1Password 7 already, does the extension work better for you there? Thanks! :+1:


  • Hello again.

    I'd like to ask if you are planning any update to 1Password 4.

    I've been using the version and constantly preventing upgrade to because of the problems described above.
    But new problems are occurring - the most annoying one is a significant slow-down. Very often I need to wait a long time after I click the icon in Firefox for 1Password menu to appear. Sometimes it doesn't appear at all and I need to restart the browser (close all the windows).

    I know you're focused on 1Password 7 development. But I'm not interested in switching to the subscription-based solution as I bought the lifetime app.
    Or, perhaps you're planning some lifetime deal at special price for 1Password 4 users?

    Please, let me know.


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    @siteimpulse: I'm sorry for the difficulty, but we were not able to figure out why this happens to some people. There also just isn't any way for us to make 1Password 4 perform better — especially with OPVault — because of the tools and design used at the time. That's why we rewrote the new app from scratch. 1Password 7 supports local vaults, and licenses are available for it right within the app. We do not offer "lifetime" anything, as a single purchase for updates until we're all dead just isn't sustainable. But a license will not expire, and can be used for the version purchased indefinitely. You can find more details on 1Password 7 in the announcement:

    1Password 7 for Windows: The Best Ever

    And if you have any questions at all, just let us know. :)

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