Cannot find "preferences" when I open my vault so cannot sync with Dropbox, change master password


I want 1Password on my laptop, mobile and iPhone to sync with Dropbox. However, when I watched the video walkthrough for this it showed an Apple computer with a "preferences" button. I can't find this on my HP laptop (I use Windows 10). I also want to change my master password to a stronger one and this also requires finding "preferences". Am I missing something? Help would be gratefully received.

1Password Version: 6
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OS Version: Not Provided
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  • Hi @Hazel! I've moved this discussion to the Windows topic since your current question centers around the Windows app -- I hope you don't mind. :chuffed: 1Password 6 for Windows only works with our subscription accounts. These sync automatically via our secure servers, so you won't need to set up Dropbox sync. If you'd like you add your account to other devices, get the apps and sign in with your account credentials and you're all set.

    You won't find preferences on Windows as the UI is a bit different from Mac, but if you'd like to change any settings, you can choose Settings (Cog wheel) > Options. As for changing your Master Password, we recommend you do this on :+1:

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    Thanks for the help! At present, I'm on the "try it for free for a month" part of 1Password, but I'll be a paying member from the middle of this month....and more than happy to be so. I've watched all the video walkthroughs and am very impressed with 1Password. I was horrified to see that I'd been using the same password for several sites and have been changing passwords with the password generator to rectify that, especially on sites which contain my credit card details. And I've already managed to change my master password using the dice method. Thanks a lot! Hazel

  • Not a problem at all, @Hazel! I'm glad you're enjoying 1Password so far. :chuffed: I think we were all using several duplicate passwords without realizing it before we discovered 1Password -- trying to come up with unique passwords for every site really is quite the challenge. Don't forget that 1Password can store and fill your credit card details for you too, if you don't want to store them on certain sites. Maybe you can give that a try next and, if you have any questions along the way, just let us know. :+1:

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