I hate 1Password 6. Please help.


Hey there,

I use 1Password since May 2014, so three years now. The biggest change has certainly been from Version 4 to 6. I migrated all my passworts to the cloud, which took ages as the implemented options did not work properly. I am not sure about the terminology here, but I have an account on https://my.1password.com and use 1Password 6 on my windows PC, the chrome extension on my windows PC, the android app on my phone and the beta chrome extension on my Chromebook.
My biggest issue with 1Password 6 is, that you cannot do anything with it. My banking app asked me to give a six numberspin code (stupid, I know, but that's how it is) - 1Password 6 does not even have a direct way to access the password generator. You need to first add a new login or something. Very convienient. Once there I noticed once more: it doesnt allow me to generate a pin that contains only numbers. So I generate a 10 digits password and manually remove all the letters. Also very convienient.
So, recently I noticed I had forgotten to include my routing number and a few other things in one of my saved bank accounts and wanted to add it. Turns out, you cannot move fields (or labels or whatever you want to call the rows there), so in order to have all the wanted information in an order that actually does make any sense, I had to completely rewrite the whole entry. You know, cut information from row 1, paste it to row 6. Edit row one, cut row 2, past in row 7. Cut row 6, paste in row 2. Sounds like fun, right?
All of these things keep annoying me and I cannot understand why they would be like this. 1Password 6 is a joke compared to what 1Password 4 was able to do and I did not see a way how I could still use 1Password 4. I could not even find a way to actually export all my data to any other password manager that is not totally useless. So if I have to manually copy all my passwords to another password manager, I will eventually do that, because this program keeps making me cry in frustration and I certainly do not want to pay money for such a horror. But if anyone has an idea or knows how to help me deal with this, I would be really grateful.

1Password Version: 6.7.457
Extension Version: & 0.8.6
OS Version: Windows 10 Home 1703
Sync Type: https://my.1password.com


  • AGAlumB
    1Password Alumni

    @2629467a: I'm sorry to hear you've been having trouble with 1Password. I'm glad you've reached out! You can access the password generator from 1Password mini (Ctrl Alt \):

    1Password currently only generates strong passwords, but we're considering adding an option for PINs as well — for those times when we're stuck with something like that.

    Also, if you hold the Alt key when editing a field in an item, you can use the up and down arrows to move it within its section, rather than copying and pasting.

    You can always export to CSV if you'd like, but we'll be happy to help if you have other questions. The feedback is appreciated, and we'll continue to improve the new app as well.

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