Change from Google to Firefox.

Mac user. Changed from Google to Firefox. Google continues to open sites though I have enabled 1PW extension in Firefox. How do I get away from Google continuing to open sites so it is exclusively done by Firefox?

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  • Have you set up Firefox to be your default browser (instead of Chrome)?

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    @Gene_Beinke: Also, if you're planning on not using Chrome at all going forward, it may be worth just uninstalling it. I don't mind it, but I agree that Firefox is looking pretty good these days. :)

    And if it helps anyone else not using a Mac, on Windows the default browser can be changed in each browser — for example, Firefox Options > General > Startup. On Windows 10, there's also a way to choose this in Windows Settings > System > Default Apps > Web Browser. And when installing any nw browser it will prompt you to set it as the default. Cheers! ;)

  • it really depends on your personal usage. Like I am a person who has to do a lot of researches. for that sometimes i have to use sites of different languages. chrome translates the entire site for me.
    accepted that Firefox has got translation add on too, but it fails in a lot of occasions and doesn't let me access the subsequent pages. chrome does it far better. Firefox lets you use a free VPN that quite helps cause few sites are banned for my country. Firefox helps in those regards. still chrome remains my first priority for my works.

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    Yeah, very cool! That is one thing I love about Chrome, but Firefox is great too. Glad there's competition. :):+1:

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