Auto-Type Tool "disabled"

I would like to fill in passwords in two programms that aren't browsers: Microsoft Excel and an offline payment entry software. I tried to do it by following the instructions given in the document "using the auto-type feature" in the Agilebits Help site. It does not work because after selecting the Login I want to use, I can't click the Auto-Type tool which is disabled. is it possible to resolve this?

Many thanks in advance for an answer and best regards



  • svondutch
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    Auto-Type is enabled when...
    1) your keychain is unlocked, AND
    2) you have selected a login item, AND
    3) this login item has a username and a password designation, AND
    4) there is another application, and this application has a visible window
  • DBrown
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    edited September 2011
    Hi, Jerome.

    We realize your 1Password data must be unlocked, or you wouldn't have been able to click on the Auto-Type tool in 1Password. We also realize that you've selected a Login item. (Just FYI, you might also have selected a Credit Card, Driver's License, or other item type that has one or more fields with an auto-type icon. Needless to say, those other auto-type–enabled fields are not designated as a username or password.)

    You do need to have the other application running, as Stefan says; typically, you would've switched directly from that application to 1Password.

    Does that sound like the way you're attempting to use Auto-Type?
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