Remove a licence

I have the family pack of 1Password, both for mac and PC.
I want to remove one of the licences from a certain computer and transfer it to another. Is this possible. Is there a limit?

Please advice.



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    Hi Rotem,

    You can just install the software on the new machine using the current license. You can find the license information here:

    License Terms

    These terms are for products purchased from our online store only. If you download or purchase our products from the Mac App Store, iTunes App Store, or Android Marketplace, please refer to their licensing agreements.
    Our software is licensed per person per platform. Each user and each platform requires a license.
    You alone use 1Password on Mac and Windows. You need a single user license for Mac and a single user license for Windows.

    You and your spouse use Knox on the family iMac. You and your spouse each needs a license. (Family license is the best value!)

    You alone use 1Password on your home and work Windows machines. You only need one single user license for 1Password for Windows.

    You alone use 1Password on your Mac, Windows PC, iPhone, and iPod touch. You'll need single user licenses for Mac and for Windows and 1Password for iPhone from the iTunes App Store for the iOS platform. You'll want to get 1Password Pro only if you have an iPad or plan to get one. It's only advantage is that it includes the native iPad interface for less than the price of 1Password for iPhone and 1Password for iPad combined.

    If you have additional questions about licensing, please contact us.
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