Beta testing version 7!


Hello everyone!

I am very happy that beta for v7 has been released! Been looking forwards to this for a while now :)

My question is as follows. At the moment I have v4.6.2 installed to be used with my standalone license. I also have v6 installed which I use to access my family's vaults for shared data.

What is the recommended next step for me to beta test v7? Uninstall both of those and install the new version? Or can I keep all of those installed and install v7 beta? Which version will the in-browser add-on interact with? The biggest hurdle for me while using both v4 and v6 was that the browser add-on seemingly ignored the vaults from v6 and only autofilled from v4.

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  • @timtam300: Oh, are you ever going to love 1Password 7. With 1Password 7, you can have both your standalone vault and your family account in the same app so you'll see everything ever in the extension all the time (unless you exclude a particular vault from All Vaults). To keep things simple, I'd uninstall 1Password 6 and 1Password 4, then install 1Password 7. When you launch 1Password 7 for the first time, unlock it with the Master Password for your family account. Your family account should already be all set up in the app, no additional steps required. From there:

    1. Choose 1Password menu > Open vault on this PC ...
    2. Navigate to your standalone vault and click Ok to open it.
    3. Enter your Master Password when prompted.

    You'll now have all of your vaults – family and personal – in one convenient app. Enjoy and should you run into any trouble, we're here to help. :chuffed:

  • Aries
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    Came to request editing of tags in the Windows app like in Mac, does 7 have this?

  • @Aries: Bulk adding, creating, and removing of tags is supported in 1Password 7. Editing in the sidebar (including renaming tags) is coming in a later update. To bulk add/create/remove tags, hold Ctrl and select the items you want to modify. Right click them, and select Tags. You'll see a list of tags you've used before you can add or remove from one or all items, plus a text box at the bottom to add a new one to all of them at once. :chuffed:

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