1Password for Windows 10 Apps


Can 1Password be used with Windows 10 apps?
For example, I downloaded the app "Spotify" from the Windows 10 play store. I need to log into the app.

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OS Version: Windows 10
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  • @TimTDP: 1Password 4 can be used in apps with auto-type. You can find information about setting it up here. Of course, you can also always copy and paste from mini as well, if you prefer. The former is great when you need to sign into an app frequently. If the app keeps you signed in after signing in once, the latter may serve just as well. :+1:

  • TimTDP
    Community Member

    How do I know if an app supports auto-fill?
    I have downloaded the Amazon app on my Windows 10 computer. I can't get 1Password to populate the login details!
    Please help, as I really want to get this working.

    I also want to get 1Password to populate login details in apps on my Android phone


  • AGAlumB
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    @TimTDP: There is no Microsoft autofill on Windows, only Google's on Android. But as kate mentioned above, you can often use Auto-Type with 1Password 4. Failing that, you can always copy and paste a password saved in 1Password. Cheers! :)

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