1password web plugins always pop up


It's extremely annoying when I log in to anything, it pops up everything asking if I want to update the password, even I haven't changed anything. and it gets a very big trouble if I click it wrongly, it will update my password to a wrong one!!!

Anything I can do to avoid this thing?

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  • @lunerelf: Is this happening when 1Password is locked, by chance? Since your data is encrypted, if 1Password is locked, it has no way to check the data you're entering against what you have already saved. Try unlocking the main 1Password app, then signing into a site and let us know if you're still prompted to update an unchanged password. Thanks! :chuffed:

  • lunerelf
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    @bundtkate: thanks for your suggestion, I did a trial of it, I found that it occurs when I get in a site with saved passwords on chrome when the password is identical in 1password and chrome.

  • @lunarelf: I actually feel as though I've heard about that before. Because your browser's built-in password manager can cause trouble with 1Password, we do recommend you disable it. If you don't have a specific need for Chrome to continue saving and filling passwords, that would be my next step. :chuffed:

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