1Password 7 Beta 4 for Mac

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First of all, you just took my money and I bought my new license. And will do the same for the Windows counterpart.
I am happy and appreciated that you restarted supporting us, standalone users who are not willing to subscribe due monthly fees and/or delivering our data to 3rd party.

That said, I just reinstalled Beta4 and the setup worked fine. But, for your information, it kept a "1Password 7.app.zip" file inside the /Applications, parallel with the real 1Password 7.app.

Please let me know if you need any further information.

And thanks for the great work on this one!

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  • @Bl4ckD0g,

    This is an intentional behavior that we put into the pkg installer if you try to install over a pre-existing install of 1Password 7. It will zip the existing install and then install the new version. You can simply delete the zip. The recommended path to move from one beta to the next is to use the in-app Check for Updates function.


  • Bl4ckD0g
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    Thanks for the information!

  • :+1: :)


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