Pressing "Enter" on a highlighted field in 1Password Mini does not dismiss

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When navigating 1Password Mini, in previous versions, I would use the keyboard almost exclusively. My cursor would be on a web field, I would hit "CMD+ALT+\", and 1Password Mini would come up. I'd then navigate to the item I want, arrow over to the password field, hit "Enter" to copy. Once I did so, the view would dismiss and I'd be able to just paste the password. Now, I must hit "ESC" after hitting "Enter". An additional step, but a regression. Would love for the old behavior to come back (and to have CMD+O mapped again so that the window can persist if I need it to).

1Password Version: 7.0-BETA-4
Extension Version:
OS Version: 10.13.4
Sync Type: 1Password


  • Hey @jm.torres92! Thanks for asking about this. Indeed, copying something in 1Password mini doesn't close it like in 1Password 6. I'll let the team know you asked about it.

    ref: apple-267

  • jm.torres92
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    Thanks Jacob, I hope that this gets addressed; it's a noticeable regression for me from the previous release.

  • You bet! :)

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