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I double click on the website address and it auto fills but it seems to do it less than with version 6. I have to CMD\ more often once the website is open because it doesn't auto fill in and, sometimes, even that doesn't work and I have to copy/paste the details.

It just seems a little more haphazard than with version 6. There again, I've been experimenting a lot and I was used to the other one, so maybe it's just my imagination.

1Password Version: 1Password 7 Version 7.0.BETA-4 (70000004) AgileBit
Extension Version: 7.0.0.BETA-4
OS Version: 10.13.4


  • Hi @rwakeford! Are you using Safari when you open and fill a Login item? If so, the issue is that open and fill is not currently implemented in the new Safari extension. It's coming in a future beta release. The way the new Safari extension works necessitated completely re-architecting the way open and fill works in all of the browsers and it didn't make the cut for the first batch of betas. Keep an eye out 8-)

  • rwakeford
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    That's the problem because I normally only use Safari and I've got everything up to date (including using betas). OK, thanks for the information and I'll keep an eye out. :)

  • Sounds good! :+1:

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