Bug: big type shows old password

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hello, found a bug.

1. Have 1Password mini show a entry;
2. Press the anchor button so it stays on screen;
3. Go to the password field and click the option to show the password in large type;
4. Click edit and keep the large type password open;
5. Change the password;
6. Click Save.

1. Large type password still shows the old password. (Not updated to the new one.)
2. Revealing password shows that it is changed.

Expected result:
1. Large type password is dismissed upon save, or
2. Large type password is updated to the new password.

Cheers, @skippingrock.

1Password Version: 688002
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 10.13.3
Sync Type: Dropbox/1Password


  • Jacob

    Hey @skippingrock! Thanks for reporting this. Showing a password in large type opens a separate window, and that one won't get updated because it's unique to the password displayed. You can open a new large type window for the new password once it's been changed.

  • skippingrock
    Community Member

    So it’s a “feature”, not a bug. Okay, okay… :p

  • Jacob

    Hehe indeed ;)

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