1Pass For Chrome No Folders/Options?

Hey Guys
I am trying out Chrome browser as FF is slow as heck and using to much memory lately.
I noticed that 1Pass for Chrome does not place my stored passwords in folders like
FF and also the Options and 1Password tabs in Chrome are greyed out (Can't click on them).
Am i missing something here or is that normal?



  • DBrown
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    Theo, I don't understand what you mean by "the Options and 1Password tabs in Chrome." Are you referring to the Chrome "wrench" tool and the 1Password "key" tool in the Chrome toolbar?

    It's true that the extension for Chrome is a little different than the extensions for Firefox and Internet Explorer, and—for now, anyway—it lacks an option to direct your saved Login to a particular folder. Frankly, that seems like a shortcoming to me, and I hope it'll be restored in a future version...but those decisions are "above my pay grade," as they say. :D

    For now, you'll have to move Logins into folders in the main 1Password program.

    We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Googles
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    Hi David

    Yeah when i right click on the key icon there is a drop down menu, the word "Options" is greyed out.
    I have about 15 folders in the main 1Password program eg: emails, accounts etc. but when i click the
    1Pass key in Chrome there are no folders they are just listed from A-Z, that's what i was referring to.

    Anyway, hopefully the dev team can get 1Pass to work the same in all browsers, it's like using a separate
    tool for IE,FF and Chrome at the moment :)

  • DBrown
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    Thanks for the follow-up, Theo.

    First, I just noticed that the 1Password "key" on the Chrome toolbar on the Mac has now changed to a "1P"; so I wouldn't be surprised to see a similar change in Windows, eventually.

    As for the right-click menu, that's provided by Chrome, not by 1Password. I'm not sure what the 1Password and Options commands are supposed to do. On the Mac, the Options command just opens a blank tab, and the 1Password tab opens an "Item not found" page in the Chrome Web Store (which makes sense, since 1Password isn't sold in the Chrome Web Store). So it seems better that those commands are inaccessible on the PC than ineffective on the Mac.

    I do expect to see all our browser extensions on both platforms "gravitate" towards a common look and feature set, but I don't know how long that process will take or what the final result will be.

    Thanks for hanging in there with us, Theo!
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