Failure at Earthlink Website

Cannot get 1Password to work at this site:

My chrome and firefox browsers both can remember the domain, username and password.

Very frustrated user on all versions, Mac, Iphone/Touch and PC.


  • DBrown
    1Password Alumni
    edited September 2011
    Welcome to the forum, heroman!

    Please don't be frustrated. :( Just create a Login item as described in Saving a Login item in the Tutorials section of the user's guide.

    Here's how it worked for me, just now:

    Of course, the login attempt would've failed because the credentials are totally bogus. :)

    I hope that helps, heroman. Let us know here and in our Mac and iOS product forums if you have any other questions.

    (By the way, be sure to disable your browsers' built-in "remember passwords" and "fill passwords" features. They'll just get in the way.)
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