I Accidentally Bought Two [Answered]


I realized too late that I already owned 1Password for Mac and then bought 1Password for Windows by accident (I run a dual system). I didn't realize that I already owned the one (and I only need one) before I bought the other one.
Would it be possible to get a refund?

Kate ([email protected])


  • Fooligan
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    Hi KatieLW,

    1Password for Windows and Mac are two separate licenses. You can install the Windows version on as many Windows machines that you use and the Mac version on as many Macs that are associated with your Apple ID, but you do have to purchase a license for each OS. I hope that answers your question.

    See here for details:

  • Thanks for the assist Fooligan.


    Fooligan is correct. 1Password is licensed per person, per platform. We feel this is more flexible than the traditional "per device" software licensing model.

  • DBrown
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    Welcome to the forum, Katie!

    If you missed the opportunity to get the "bundle" price, please contact us ([email protected]) as soon as possible from the e-mail address associated with your 1Password licenses, and mention "1Password for Windows license" in the subject line.
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