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  • robert1probert1p
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    edited February 8

    A slight tweak. Since Vaults are an integral part of 1password, this change would be presented as an Enhancement.

    NEW!!! Vaults have been enhanced as follows:

    • Items can be shared between vaults.
    • Items can be shared by Tag names. (This may be enable in Settings.)
    • Users can be identified by Group names. (This may be enabled in Settings.) [Business Plan Only]
    • Users can create additional Private vaults.
    • Encryption is now done at the Item level (instead of the Vault level).

    The more powerful forms of sharing could be implemented at a later date. And by disabling them by default, the Vault will work much as it does today; with the added benefit of being able to share Items between Vaults and supporting more Private Vaults.

    I guess it all in the Marketing. ;-D

  • ag_maxag_max

    Team Member

    Thanks for taking the time to share your detailed vision for revamping item sharing, @robert1p.

  • MitchellHMitchellH
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    Please add my vote +1.
    The issue in this discussion is a big problem for our company. Therefore, we cannot switch to 1Password. :(

  • ag_maxag_max

    Team Member

    Hi @MitchellH, I've gone ahead and added your feedback internally.

  • 365nice365nice
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    Sigh - such a long thread with lots of reasons why it can't be done yet the real customer need is not addressed... a bit sad and frustrating to be honest.

    Ironically, I came here today to report a bug where I spotted one of our users DOES seem to access an item in a vault they don't have access too... so maybe you've solved the problem by mistake? (caveat - this bug hasn't been examined - it could be my user error, but i've seen it now on 2 different accounts with different people, over 1 month making me pay a bit more attention).

  • ag_maxag_max

    Team Member


    No news to share at this time regarding this request. I can say that our team is always reviewing feedback, and improving sharing is definitely something we'd like to get done right. Regarding the other problem you reported, please see my reply in the other discussion thread so we can help troubleshoot that.

  • 365nice365nice
    Community Member

    I saw that, and have sent an email.

    With sharing - its massively disappointing that with all the money you have raised that you can't find solutions to valid problems. At times, 1P feels like death by a 1000 cuts... don't get me wrong, I'm massively invested in it, and it helps with many things

    But issues like this really cut... so does trying to move something to a new vault, the UI is so confusing... cut..... I'm just saying - you need to pay more attention to customers and find better solutions. I hope the money helps.

  • coolblueinteractivecoolblueinteractive
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    We have this SAME problem and we really want to see this addressed. We are NOT HAPPY that something as crummy as passpack.com, a vendor for 10 yrs, allowed us to give access for creds to other users or even create groups of user ( marketing, offshore team etc). I think we saw in the threads that Last Pass does support this model.

    I fear comments by @365nice "such a long thread with lots of reasons why it can't be done yet the real customer need is not addressed... a bit sad and frustrating to be honest". That post tells me this will never be fixed and I was blinded by my love for 1 PW as a personal tool I've used for over a decade.

  • cboettchercboettcher
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    edited March 30

    We recommended that our team migrate to 1Password from LastPass and are struggling with this limitation as well. This is a fairly visible problem and other team members who were less concerned with LastPass's limitations are wondering why the change in services was made.

    I understand that, when the architecture of the product was hashed out, this might not have been a foreseen use case. But it's one that should have been taken into consideration prior to offering a more collaborative, "corporate" variant.

    In an attempt to work around this, I tried creating a duplicate entry in a vault and simply pasting the UUID of the original item in a text field. But I can't even use the UUID of the item to search for it within the 1Password client. If I want to refer to the original, the only thing offered me is an external link that leads out of the client and into a browser, where I'm asked to authenticate anew, etc.

    It would help a great deal if someone outside of support (markcomm, engineering) could speak to plans in place for making this a feature. It's just shy of four years since this was first requested.

  • hatchjwhatchjw
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    +1 for the functionality.

    We sincerely need it in our application. We are regularly sharing passwords with credentialed individuals that are in multiple vaults. The option to create new vaults and permissions for each permutation of possibilities would be unsustainable.

    I recognize that this would be a hashing nightmare and that it would almost completely require a global rebuild of the platform base functions. Perhaps another option would be to have another item type (i.e. Login-H) where the "Login" type would remain unchanged, but the new type performs that hashing differently...

    Or possibly an option within the "login" settings where the password was hashed elsewhere or with a different process?

    Just jumping out of the box with some random ideas in a department I'm (obviously) not too familiar with...


  • dmirdmir
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    +1 for this feature. Since we dive deeper inside the 1password business features we are recognising that it lacks a lot of basic features that other ones (like keeper) do have since years.

  • jujfsjujfs
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    • here too!

    I am a business owner and my husband needs somes access to some passwords. And it would be wonderful to share the same item on both family and business account without having to update both of them every time I chance a password.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    edited June 22

    Welcome to the 1Password Support Community, @jujfs! Your husband needs access to some - but not all - of your business passwords? Is that correct? If so, I'd consider inviting your husband as a guest to your 1Password Teams or 1Password Business account. Guests are given access to only one vault by default (you choose which one), so you can collect all passwords your husband would need access to from your "work" account, and transfer those to a vault that's only visible to him, and to which you can add yourself as a viewer/editor as well.

  • fhbcfhbc
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    +1 on the issue.
    What could be a band-aid solution until a proper implementation is found, is to at least make it possible for admins, or members of the security-group to easily detect duplicate accounts.
    The current watchtower is able to detect duplicate passwords (a.k.a. password reuse) but if it could show me that for website with url x, the same e-mail address or username was used in vaults 1, 2 and 3 that would help the admins immensely.
    with that information we could more easily:
    a) become aware that a login has been duplicated
    b) track down who actually needs access, and decide on setting up a vault for that subset of users, or decide on changing our access policy for that account making the duplicate item obsolete.

  • Scott.S_1PScott.S_1P

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    Hey @fhbc,

    Finding duplicate accounts seems like a good idea Watchtower. It's not something 1Password currently offers, but I'll share your feedback with the team for their consideration. Thank you for contributing to 1Password’s evolution.

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