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Hello. Is it possible to export all 1Password data as one pdf or excel file? I would like to have an additional backup. Thanks.

OS Version: Windows 10


  • @elis_hajdarovac: It's possible to export to CSV or text in 1Password for Windows, but it's not something we recommend. Exports are unencrypted and have your data in plain text, so it would be up to you to ensure they're properly protected. If you have a 1Password membership, you already have several places where your data is backed up. You have a local cache of your data on each and every device you use 1Password on, your data is backed up to 1Password.com, and 1Password.com itself is backed up as well. :chuffed:

    If you use a standalone vault, automatic backups are created for you each and every time you make a change, so using those is your best bet. :+1:

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