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My wife and I share a common iTunes account and until now, have each used 1Password on our iOS devices with separate lockers / accounts. I also have had a v6 single user license for my MAC. I have downloaded version 7 from the MAC App Store. Upon starting 1Password, I'm told I can purchase a subscription for $2.99 per month that covers all platforms. However, when I take the next step, I'm told it is $3.99 monthly or $35.99 yearly.

First, please clarify the pricing model when purchased through Apple's App Store. Secondly, please clarify the purchase options when purchasing from your website directly.

Please also note that our vaults are synced to iCloud. Please confirm that through conversions that nothing will be lost and I will continue to be able to sync to iCloud.

And last, will this monthly or annual subscription cover multiple users and multiple lockers on multiple platforms using the same iTunes account?

Thank you

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  • I have the same question ^^^
    Pricing models? Mac App Store vs AgileBits?

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    Hi all,

    So here's how it works. There are two options for a 1Password membership. The options for an individual membership are $3.99 monthly or $35.99 yearly, as displayed. The $35.99 yearly option works out to $2.99/month, which is what is displayed on the initial page. The pricing model for a 1Password membership is exactly the same regardless of where you purchase it, from the Mac App Store or from our website directly.

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