1Password constantly failing with Firefox extension after update

My firefox extension has always worked fine until I just updated 1Password's update. Now every time I try to use the extension in the browser (Firefox v 6.0.2). Error mssg says "Exception EAccessViolation in module mozjs.dll at 00160069"


  • ok, it seemed to work finally after rebooting the computer, then not only disabling the extension but removing it, then reinstalling it.
  • Same issue here. Firefox 6.0.2. After today's update to the plugin crashes every time. Is reinstalling the only option?
  • svondutch
    1Password Alumni should fix this. Can you confirm this, please? Thanks!
  • WardenBrown
    Community Member fixes my crash problem with FF 6.0.2.
  • DBrown
    1Password Alumni
    Hi, Warden!

    Thanks for letting us know your results with the latest update.
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