"Never For This Website" consistently failing

MAS 1Password Version: Version 3.9.0 (build 39001)
Chrome Plugin Version:
Chrome Version: 14.0.835.186

I'm really getting annoyed with 1Password now. Anytime I login to a website, I'm prompted with the 1Password bar. I consistently click the "Never for this website" button, but it fails to save the setting.

What is going on? Has this issue been fixed for non-MAS consumers? Please tell me this annoyance has been corrected and the MAS customers will receive the fix soon.


  • NikNik 1Password Alumni
    edited September 2011
    Sorry for the trouble you're experiencing. Roustem responded to a similar post in another thread and said:
    roustem wrote:

    If you are running 1Password 3.9 then "Do Not Autosave" will be broken, unfortunately.

    We can fix this in the extension itself, I hope to get it done tomorrow.
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