1P mini conflicting with main window if dismissed in edit mode

I didn't do a thorough investigation, so instead of a typical bug report I'll just give my anecdote.

  1. Open 1P mini and navigate to my drivers license, and am notified that it's expired
  2. Enter edit mode in 1P
  3. Dismiss 1P mini window
  4. Open main 1P window, navigate to same item (driver's license) and edit+save with new expiration date
  5. Open 1P mini and a "do you want to save your changes" dialog is immediately presented (because I dismissed it while in edit mode, and now that I've changed the item using the main window, it conflicts with the information present in that same item in 1P mini, so it's triggering the save dialog)
  6. If I select "save" then the old expiration date is restored and the new date I just entered using the main window is lost, or if I select "don't save" then the new expiration date is retained.

So I'm not really sure what the "bug" is here, since this behavior actually makes sense. The part that I guess is buggy is that the item's (driver's license) information isn't dynamically updated in the 1P mini instance when in edit mode. It's like 1P mini makes a local temporary copy of the item for the duration of the editing session, so that it didn't know the same item was edited in the main window. Then, upon ending the edit session (which I did by first dismissing and calling 1P mini, which I assume would bring it back to its default state), it compares the item's information with that in the database, which had by now been edited using the main 1P window, and sees the discrepancy.

I guess my suggestion would be that edits made in another instance (in this case, in the main window), while an edit session is ongoing should be immediately copied over in the event that the same item is open in another edit session elsewhere (e.g. the 1P mini window). A crazy use case would be that I have the same item open for edits in the main window and in several 1P mini windows, and I edit each field of the item using a different window: How should that be reconciled? The only consistent solution would be that the edits in one window are immediately reflected in the others, that way the crazy user who likes to edit things simultaneously in multiple windows gets what he expects.

1Password Version: 7.0.5.BETA-1 (70005001)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
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  • chadseldchadseld 1Password Developer

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    Thanks twilsonco, I'll need to look into this. 1P mini should not be presenting the save/cancel sheet after closing like that. It is true that during edit mode, the item in edit does not respond to background updates. There are some technical reasons for this. But it sure sounds like there is a bug here in the mini.

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