Lots of problem with Windows...

I have used MacOS and iOS for years using DropBox to sync the data. Now I need to ADD Windows. It's been a nightmare. Many issues with getting DropBox to work. I think I have that figured out. I currently have a Trial version on my Windows machine. I assume the trial is over because the data is incorrect even though it says it is syncing to DropBox. How do I switch from trial to regular version? This new monthly subscription version is confusing to me. It has worked fine for years with the regular version. Do I need to switch to the monthly subscription for it to work with Windows? What is the best way to ADD Windows? HELP!!

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  • MikeT
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    Hi @mpark1805,

    Thanks for writing in. I'm sorry to hear you're having issues getting 1Password to work with your standalone vaults.

    You do not need the subscription to make it work with your standalone vaults, it's an option you can use if you want to avoid the hassles with Dropbox and other stuff that 1Password accounts do not have to deal with, such as licensing, sync, backups, and it is the best solution for cross-platform use. To use 1Password account, you'd want to migrate your standalone vault from Dropbox to your 1Password account and you won't need to deal with Dropbox anymore, you simply sign in to your 1Password account and it's ready to go.

    Are you using 1Password 4 or 7 on your PC? The first thing is that you need to install Dropbox and wait for it to finish syncing before you open 1Password. Once Dropbox is done syncing, you can then ask 1Password to open the standalone vault in your Dropbox vault. It's not clear what you're seeing here, so I am assuming your vault has been added to 1Password and you're syncing in both directions now?

    Opening your vault does not remove the trial restrictions, you still have to have a Windows license and manually register it. If you're using 1Password 7, you can add the license via 1Password menu > License. If you're using 1Password 4, then it is in the Help Menu > Enter license key.

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