Very difficult to save passwords on new websites now with new 1Password 7

I am used to 1Password 4 for Windows and I am now using 1Password 7 (with a 1Password subscription account, set up today).

On this website (, the sign-in form is under "Mein Konto". I type my username and password, and I see the 1Password icon on the right side of the password input box. I click on it, and immediately, the website's pop-up for the username/password disappears.

That said, I am unable to save a password on this site!!

Now, even worse - previously, with 1Password 4 and the legacy Chrome extension, you would get a native windows pop-up asking you whether you want to save/update the entry in the 1Password database, after a successful authentication. I do not get this pop-up anymore. It seems this useful functionality either does not work anymore or was removed.

I am very sad and I would like to know how this problem can be fixed.

@Techsupport, please really open the website above, test it out and see the issue I reported first, before commenting. Thanks!

1Password Version: 7.1.567
Extension Version: 1Password X Chrome 1.7.3
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • msxtj
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    Do we get support on this forum?

  • Hi @msxtj,

    Thanks for reporting this.

    I've noticed you wrote 1Password X in your system spec. 1Password X is not related to 1Password 7 for Windows, they're two separate products that will behave differently. 1Password X is designed to run on its own within Chrome, that's why there is no native UI. It's what you use on Chrome OS or other platforms where there is no native version of 1Password program but it has Chrome or Firefox instead.

    For the regular 1Password extension with 1Password 7.1 for Windows, I'm not seeing your issue:

    The problem is with the site's login form, it keeps disappearing, when it did, 1Password X couldn't recover it.

    Try saving it on the regular login page instead;

    If you want the native UI, you have to uninstall 1Password X and use the regular 1Password extension (

  • msxtj
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    Thanks for the response. I'll take it, the website is poorly designed. The password form indeed disappears all the time and the regular login page is good alternative. I also removed 1Password X and now use the other Chrome plugin (which requires the desktop app). With that one, I do get the save/update Windows, which I needed.

    Thanks. Problem solved.

  • You're absolutely welcome. We'll try to see if we can recover in time with 1Password X.

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