Feature Request: Add an option to exclude passwords in watchtower



  • GregGreg

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  • Hi - I'm reviving this thread to vote for this feature as well. While I appreciate that the 1password team has to make judgement calls, I'm taking a firm stance by saying this: the inability for the user to manage WatchTower (WT) warnings significantly erodes the value of WT. I am an avid 1password fan (I've used it almost daily since 2010) and as such, I have LOTs of saved passwords. As my passwords have grown, I've stopped using watchtower altogether because I can't keep track of and manage the number of "weak" passwords. Regarding Greg's point to "not have users ignore watchtower warnings," I'm doing just that because I have so many false positive WT warnings.

    I offer 2 proposals for compromise as alternatives to a straight "ignore WT warnings":
    1) Add the ability to flag passwords in different manners. Here's an example, I have a Windows NT login that I use for multiple services (5 in my case) that show up in WT as reused passwords. These all use a shared OATH, but I want to autofill at different urls so these passwords will be track as "reused" forever. I'd be happy if I could mark these as "intentional duplicates" and remove them from WT. This is one example, but I have a total of 209 WT warnings. I would guess 90% of them are passwords that I don't want to change even though I am aware of WT's intentions. Allowing the user to tag them as "pins" & "intentional duplicates" & "forced weak password", etc. forces an intention from the user that warrants the feature.

    2) Add ability to "ignore WT warnings for X (12?) months." This still keeps the user savvy, and again, to Greg's concerns, it affords 1Password an excellent opportunity to "re-warn" the user about a potential bad password. I would be a happier 1Password customer if I could realistically check all of my WT warnings and I'd actually use it if I had the power to make the number go to zero. At 209, I'm helpless. I used to check WT monthly and now I've given up.

    In the end, I love 1Password and will likely use it forever, but I hope to see 1Password achieve world domination one day and this is a feature that will help get it there. Thus I urge the team to consider adding the ability to manage watchtower warnings.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    Thank you so much for the feedback and for the kind words! :) I have also added your thoughts to the internal issue we are using to track this :+1:

    ref: dev/projects/customer-feature-requests#130

  • @nedbrush just FYI, you can add multiple urls to a single login item and it will fill at any of them. That way you can have a single login item rather than several.

  • ag_anaag_ana

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    You are absolutely right @zchrykng, thank you for the tip :+1::)

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