1Password 7.2.576 is out in stable channel

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This is our release candidate for 1Password 7.2 release.

Note: the previously listed 1Password filling for Edge support has been addressed by the 1Password 7.2.575 extension update at the Microsoft Store.

[IMPROVED] Translations are updated for all languages.
[FIXED] Certain network setups would cause false detections of proxy, causing 1Password to not sync properly. {OPW-KNU-899}
[FIXED] 1Password could crash in certain conditions when applying user's entered proxy settings.
[FIXED] A crash fix on certain setups where there may be a 32-bit/64-bit mixup with 1Password Brain file.


[NEW] Password items can now be converted to Logins via the Convert to Login button next to Edit. {OPW-292}
[IMPROVED] It is no longer required to restart the app after changing the keyboard shortcut for filling/showing 1Password mini or toggling the the lock shortcut option. {OPW-1484}
[IMPROVED] Updated translations.
[FIXED] 1Password would flash an empty view for a few microseconds after Windows boots up or if you have 1Password disabled for auto-start, it would flash when you click on 1Password in your web browser. {OPW-1484}

Known Issue: Edge filling will not work yet. {OPW-2332}


Hey folks, we now support directly editing the tags on the sidebar, this has been long requested by many of you, enjoy!

[NEW] You can now rename or delete tags on the sidebar, right-click on the tag to do so or if you're a keyboard user; use F2 to rename or the Delete key to delete. {OPW-433}
[IMPROVED] Syncing multiple tag updates is more reliable. {OPW-1909}
[IMPROVED] 1Password Brain update; improvements for TOTP/Credit card fields on various sites including Okta sites and appleid.apple.com. {FILL-220, FILL-16}
[FIXED] On certain international setups, using the AltGR key to insert a symbol (@, Euro, etc) inside the password field would unintentionally de-focus the password field. {OPW-2331}

Known Issue: Edge filling will not work yet. {OPW-2332}


Hey folks,

We've been working on major optimizations and while this is still ongoing, we wanted to give you a little piece of it today in 1Password 7.2 Beta 1. This update comes with the new awesome 1Password Brain technology that includes trained models from our new machine-learning system to improve filling and saving. Please give it a try now; it should be much better at filling your Logins, Credit Cards and Identities as well as now being able to fill your OTP/2FA tokens.

There is one known issue, this will break the filling with the 1Password extension for Edge, it will not be supported for the first beta. We do plan to fix it but no timeframe on this.


[NEW] 1Password now comes with 1Password Brain 2.0 to improve filling and saving data via 1Password browser extensions. {OPW-1945, OPW-752, OPW-1019, OPW-1267}
[NEW] Along with the new Brain version, 1Password can now fill your TOTP/Two Factor Authentication codes with the same shortcut that you use to fill your Login (Control + ) and there is no need to use the clipboard anymore.
[IMPROVED] 1Password now shows all nested tags when selecting its parent tag. {OPW-2327}
[IMPROVED] Starting 1Password should be much faster on certain setups.
[IMPROVED] Core database optimizations to accommodate future features; database initialization has been sped up by several times and network configuration is finished twice as fast.
[IMPROVED] Network compatibility fixes for certain VPN clients such as Nord VPN and Proton VPN. {OPW-2271}
[IMPROVED] Avoid creating a new backup (for standalone vaults) for every changes made on the same day, a new daily backup is created on the first change per day. We've also made the backups more efficient and we now move old backups to your Recycle Bin. {OPW-2281}
[IMPROVED] Additional validations added to the Proxy settings to avoid accepting invalid proxy address or port settings.
[FIXED] The Default Vault for Saving setting would sometime reset to the wrong vault. {OPW-2300}
[FIXED] Resolving sync conflicts would sometime set the wrong favorite/trashed flags on the merged items.
[FIXED] After a vulnerable Login item has been updated with a new password, 1Password didn't immediately check to see if the new password is vulnerable and then to remove the vulnerable banner if it is no longer vulnerable.
[FIXED] 1Password didn't pause its Watchtower update checks when the computer was offline. {OPW-2308}
[FIXED] When attempting to open a license file while 1Password wasn't running, 1Password would start but it didn't take the license. {OPW-2305}
[SECURITY] Removed the extra code to check and uninstall the oldest 1Password 6.0-6.3 versions from our installer, the extra code was needed due to a different installer and product IDs used in these old versions. This will prevent false positives in certain security tools that wondered why we check for a different product ID to remove. {OPW-2309}


  • pauLeepauLee Junior Member
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    What was changed between 7.2.570, 7.2.571 and 7.2.572?

    Yesterday the update notification installed 7.2.570 - that crashed the currently running 1PW, then I was able to download 7.2.571 and today the update notification installs 7.2.572 - that crashed my currently running 1PW as well.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi guys,

    @BrokenHope, no ETA. As per policy, we do not share any ETAs in general. We generally deliver it as soon as it is ready and tested. In this specific case, there are some implementation obstacles that we need to work around, we built something for Markdown but it was not usable and we've scrapped it to look for a different way to support it. It is coming, just need more time.

    @pauLee, are you using an anti-malware solution that's not the default Windows defender? There were no known crashers for any of these builds. The issue we had yesterday with 570/571 was that some folks had 1Password constantly using one CPU core for no reasons. We've fixed that in 572 as it was a bug in the log system related to debugging but beside that, there are no differences between them. 570 was an older beta 1 build but we've rebuild 571 an hour later with some internal updates that doesn't impact anything.

    If you are still seeing crashes, please email us your crash report with this guide: https://support.1password.com/cs/windows-crash-report/

    You can email it to us at [email protected], please include your forum username and the link to this thread, so we can connect the dots.

    Let me know when you've sent it, so we can confirm we got it.

  • jochen2djochen2d
    Community Member

    {OPW-433} rename or delete tags : does NOT work in Windows!
    I want to rename 'Bank' to the already existing 'bank' to make my TAG-list smaller. No success

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

    Team Member

    Hi @jochen2d,

    Thanks for reporting this. Are you using 1Password account or a standalone vault with what sync tool?

    I just tested this and it works fine for me, it could be a sync conflict:

    One more thing, did you wait a few minutes, it could be that the sync is not yet finished, especially if you have a lot of items. If you restart the app, does the tag still remain Bank?

  • jochen2djochen2d
    Community Member

    I have a euro-Account with the 573-Version! It does NOT work. I did this lik in your GIF, but I have 3 items 'bank' and 3 items 'Bank'

  • jochen2djochen2d
    Community Member

    no, also after REstart it is the samoe old situation.

  • jochen2djochen2d
    Community Member

    it works, when you have only 1 item of the tag, which you want to rename!

  • jochen2djochen2d
    Community Member

    suddenly it works fine as expected!

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @jochen2d,

    When renaming tags, we're not renaming the tag itself but updating all items to remove the old tag and adding the new one. Tags are not separate from the items, so that's why it takes time and why it took us a while to implement this basic feature.

    One-item tags work fine because it only updates one item but if you have more, it'll take time.

    What we need to improve on is the UI feedback, the tag list doesn't get updated until the sync is done.

  • jochen2djochen2d
    Community Member

    Thanks. Great support and great job, even for beta

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    You're welcome! Thank you for your feedback and for reporting issues.

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