Sorting of mini results

When we have a lot (a dozen or more) results in a category (such as credit cards, etc.), and we have one that we want to use preferentially, happens to be a favorite, could that one be sorted at the top?

We go to the credit card picker in the mini, and have a dozen cards, it's a pain to always have to scroll down to the one you want because the name isn't alpha sorted to the top. I guess we could hack that with a special sorting character on the front of the name, but having the favorites be at the top would be a good fix if possible.

1Password Version: 7.0.572
Extension Version:
OS Version: Win10 1802
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    edited July 2018

    Hi @leesweet,

    Thanks for writing in.

    Yes, we have plans to do that. We are aiming to match the Suggested Items that the macOS version have, such as this:

    ref: OPW-2251

  • leesweetleesweet
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    Excellent, thanks for the update!

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    You're welcome, we can't wait to have this done.

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