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Is there a feature whereby 1Password remembers the last, or most recent attempt(s) to load or otherwise access the last time I used the App? If not, it would be useful.

More to say... I've been with 1P from the very beginning, back when it was small, and things were more accessible or just easier accomplish. As the App evolves, so does its complexity. I think it would be useful if 1P would incorporate a selection called 'Recent' so I can readily access the last event I attempted before being cut-off for whatever reason. Yes, I know, it may not seem like much, but after several occurrences of the App closing prematurely, I decided it' would a small but useful feature.

_1Password Version: 7.1 Beta 3 (70100003)
_Extension Version: 10.14 (18A353d)
_ Safari: 6.13.2
_OS Version:Version Safari 12.0 (14606.1.32)
_Sync Type: iCloud


  • chadseldchadseld

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    Hi DanOrtego,

    Your current item selection is supposed to be preserved between launches of the app. There could be a bug if this is not what you are seeing.

    We don't record usage metrics in the app except for password fill/reveal, or item modification. You can sort any list of items by "Date Last Used" or by "Date Created" or "Date Modified". I realize that's not exactly what you are asking for, but that can be helpful to jog memory.

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