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Updates to 3.8.x not 3.9.x?

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Hi folks

I bought the MAS version on sale though I already had 3.8 partly to support the app and partly on the promise that it meant I'd get 4 later.

While i have 3.9 installed Ive not opened it before today as there seemed to be soem teething problems, so I;ve been waiting for fixes etc before migrating. Since then I've seen several updates for the 3.8.x branch but no updated in MAS to the the 3.9 version.

How come? I've been waiting for a 3.9.1 stability release before I switch and its been a while now (applying the same login i apply to OS X releases :) ).


EDIT - OOPS having though I'd looked around before, i just found the 3.9.1 thread elsewhere, sorry, my bad!


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    No worries. We just submitted another update today as well. 3.9.2 will hopefully be available soon. :)

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