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1Password 3.9.1 now available as a free update to all Mac App Store customers

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1Password for Mac 3.9.1 is now available on the Mac App Store.

Improvements since 3.9.0
  • Added support for WebKit, Google Chrome Canary and Chromium web browsers.
  • Greatly improved performance when multiple items are updated or deleted.
  • Added a workaround to prevent immediate locking when the system idle time is reported incorrectly.
  • When using Dropbox syncing the file is stored in the 1Password subfolder by default.
  • Now detecting problem with file permissions on startup and offering help.
  • Improved automatic master password update in the browser extensions.
  • Now locking all browser extensions when user logs out.
  • Made sure the keyboard shortcuts are only taken when the browser with the installed extension is active.
  • Improved search predicate editor.
  • Added Help > Troubleshooting menu.
  • Made changes to prevent syncing with the browser extension that is populated with a different data set.
  • Many improvements in browser extensions support.
  • Greatly improved import from SplashID.
  • Made sure the master password field is cleared when the main window is closed.
  • Improved reliability of the connection between 1Password and 1Password Helper.
  • In the event a data file is found on Dropbox and the default folder, 1Password will prompt to ask which one to use.
  • Changes made in 1Password or browser extensions will now appear everywhere almost immediately.
  • Faster detection of changes made in Dropbox.
  • Improved 1Password application to not refresh the main window when the helper is restarted.
  • Now logging error when attachment cache folder cannot be cleared.
  • Now using our own log files in addition to system.log to help with Troubleshooting.
  • Added Help > Troubleshooting > Show 1Password Log and Show Helper Log menus.
  • Improved implementation of data folder monitoring and data refresh. Avoiding unnecessary refresh of the main window when data did not change or when it was changed by the user.
  • Now removing attachment cache folder when 1Password is closed, instead of just removing it upon locking.
  • Avoiding XPC Connection Interrupted logs when is exiting.
  • Now storing Attachments cache folder in the standard Caches folder (`~/Library/Containers/com.agilebits.onepassword-osx-helper/Data/Library/Caches`).
  • Updated SplashID Import instructions and improved the import script to support more versions.
  • Double-clicking or dragging a .agilekeychain file will now offer to replace or merge its contents with the existing data.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed problem where creating new data file in Dropbox did not create .ws.agile.1Password.settings file.
  • Fixed missing refresh button image in the Password Generator.
  • Fixed several memory leaks in the 1Password Helper process.
  • Fixed problem with the Caps Lock indicator in the password field.
  • Fixed problem that made it impossible to move item into the folder
  • Fixed crash when item is duplicated.
  • Fixed crash related to item attachments cache.
  • Fixed crash in JSON data parsing.
  • Fixed broken Go & Fill in 1Password dock menu/
  • Fixed problem where Lock On Idle stepper control was enabled/disabled incorrectly.
  • Fixed problem that could cause items to reappear after the were deleted from the Trash.
  • Fixed problem where password hint won't show when unlocking 1Password.
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