Migrating 1password4 while migrating Mac from Mavericks

Hello. I am running 1password 4.4.3 on a single desktop Mac running MacOS 10.9.5; no sync. I want to upgrade to MacOS 10.11 or 10.12 and continue to use 1password. Please let me know what I need to read and do to prepare for a safe and smooth migration. All my web passwords are in 1password and I will be in trouble if I cannot use 1password at some stage in my migration.

I also have an older Mac laptop, which I will not upgrade. Please direct me to information on how to manually copy my 1password data from my desktop Mac to my laptop before I migrate my desktop.

Thank you.

1Password Version: 4.4.3
Extension Version: on Chrome
OS Version: upgrading from OS X 10.9.5
Sync Type: no
Referrer: forum-search:how to upgrade from 1password4 to 1password6


  • AGAlumBAGAlumB
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    @WUrbaniak: Thanks for reaching out. This guide will take you through upgrading:

    How to upgrade from 1Password 3 on your Mac

    Just keep in mind you'll need to upgrade macOS first or the current version of 1Password won't run at all. Let me know if you have any questions about that, and if you'll tell me the specifics of the mysterious "older Mac laptop" I can try to give guidance on that. ;)

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